What is Luck?

What is Luck ?

Luck is a Mystery , people who believe in science whould be thinking does luck really exist ? What exactly is luck ? We often hear people saying “he is lucky”,“today he is successful all becouse of his luck”,“his luck was with him”. What is luck is it a thing , is it a secret […]

21 Days of Habbit

21 days habit of subconscious mind technique

In this blog I am going to share a most effective way by which one can stay focus at their respective field. It is very much useful and it really works. We have found this technique after being a lot of research over the internet and also from our studies on quantum physics. Did you […]

Facts About Sleeping

Amazing Fact About Sleep

Everyone needs to get an sleep in this world even me, you or someone else for the survival. But many of you are very much unknown about some of the amazing facts of sleeping. In this blogs I am going to discuss some of the amazing facts about sleeping. If you like and wants to […]

Zoominfo Scrapping through VBA

Scrap Data From Zoominfo Through VBA

Hi , did you ever tried to scrap data from web like bloomberg, google SERP, zoominfo, yelp, justdail etc. Well in this blog I am going to explain you an way how you can scrap data from zoominfo. I will also discuss about how to scrap data from other websites as well in my later […]