Affirmation and Subconscious Mind

Subconscious Mind

The moment before sleeping at night and after waking up at the morning are the two most important moments or powerful time in which you can use the full potential power of your brain very efficiently. Many peoples might say any other time like evening or any other time but the fact is that the time before going to the bed and waking up are the two important times. Cause in the rest of the time of our day we stay busy in school, colleges or offices and due to which our potential energy of the brain decreases. We most of the time takes decisions at this moment when we stay busy and forgot after sometime and it does not happens many a times. Whatever we thinks at our morning time after waking the whole day goes on like that . If we think some negative then it creates an negative energy and the day goes on worst similar if we think something positive it will create positive energy and the whole day goes on positive. Thus our whole day depends on what we think in the beginning of the day. Its all about how we control our mind . If you able to control you mind then you can achieve anything in your life. Suppose if someone comes suddenly and point his gun on our face we become very much alert . Did you ever thought that in our school why always we wants to become the topper, while playing games why always we wants to be the winner and win the game, why always we wait and want for hike, appraisal or promotions in office . The answer to all these question is only one that ia happiness. We get happiness from all these things and we all know what is happiness but technically the happiness comes from high activity. Our life is also like a graph which goes up an down. When it is in up we are at higher activity situation and when it is low we are at lower activity position. To get those happiness we must remain in higher activity situation. Higher activity comes when we stay alert at all the time. Like as I said when someone comes suddenly and point his gun on our face we become very much alert. And these similar alertness is required in our life to stay in high active mode to achieve the happiness and other things that we need. When you stay alert your subconcious mind stays in present time and increase the higher activity graph even more, due to which such kind of situation are created in our life whicb becomes very much useful to achieve the one that we need

Now I will discuss how to stay alert . Every morning when you wake up feel aliveness that you are still alive , you have got another 86400 sec account. Because in today the time is most important factor. If can convert this time into money you can do anything cause time is money. When you regularly think and compare this 86400 sec with money then our subconcious mind also starts thinking like that which is the most important factor to achieve something in life. And also when this fact goes to our subconcious mind then it utilise the time very conciously and effeciently which you need to be sucess in life. What you actually from your life , this thing has also to be send along with the time to the subconcious mind. This can be done by thinking at the morning after waking up that what you really eant in life, what is your goal, and the time in seconds. Put yourself in two conditions whether to work like an robot or utelise your subconcious mind and follow your dreams. Affirmation is one of the most powerful technique which can be follow . I have written about affirmation on my previous blog. We can think that we git another 86400 sec in our account to follow our dreams again , to do what we have not done, an chance to move on for our dreams.

This are some of the affirmations which can tried by an individual every day after waking up from the bed
Today I am feeling very healthy
Today I will face every challenges
Today I will follow my dreams
Today I will achieve something
Today I will give my best etc.

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