Affirmations and Over Thinking

Subconscious Mind

New thought and new age terminology referred primarily to the practice of positive thinking and self employment.
A belief that positive mental attitude supported by affirmation will achieve success in anything. With the help and concept of affirmation anything can be achieve by an individual. For example
You want to be successful in life , You want a better job, better health etc can also be achieved with the help of affirmation. It’s not any kind of magic or mind game. It’s affirmations . Affirmation is nothing , but its just about two words “I AM” . The word “I AM” is called affirmation. This are the two words which we listen in our day to day life. Now the main part is that if we add anything after this two words we can convert any illusion to reality. For example I am intelligent ,I am rich , I am smart , I am luckiest etc. Affirmation changes all the words that we say, to reality no matter whats the current situation is but in future its comes in reality whatever we thinks. When we listen to the affirmations it effects only when it goes to the subconcious mind through the ears. No matter how you do the affirmations by speaking or listening . If you speak or listen to the affirmations at the morning after waking up it will create positive energies. We all are familiar with the concept of thinking positive and be positive so whats new in affirmations. There is a fact behind the thinking positive concept and the affirmation concept , that in the process of thinking positive we use to say that everthing will be alright with me , I will be rich, I will be healthy , I will be successful etc and in affirmations we use to say that I am intelligent ,I am rich , I am smarter , I am luckiest etc. Now the fact is that in positive thinking we say a common word “I WILL” which points to the future due to which our subconsious mind thinks that you want this things to be happen later on and in affirmations the common word is “I AM” which points to the present . When someone says or listen to the affirmations repeatedly then that person stays in present. If you want Affirmations to work, the one also has to visualize the situation that the one is already in that stage. It does’nt matter if you are not a topper , dose’nt matter if you are not sure about your intellect, not smarter enough etc.
You just need to do is , that practice the affirmations by speaking or listening repeatedly . At very first time your mind try to stop and follow whatever you likes and will tell you every time that you can’t do it but if you keep on trying everyday your mind will not stop you and you will be the one that you want. It depend how our mind works because our mind controls everything like our body, movement of organs , emotions, intelligence, quick learning and also adapting any situations that we are in. Thus everything is in the control of our mind, once we control the mind we can achieve anything. So the main science behind the affirmation is that whatever you think, force the brain and mind to make the illusion to the reality. When we start doing affirmation our brain starts releasing some chemicals due to that an individual becomes mentally unbreakable and also creates those kind of positive energies by which we can achieve anything.

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