Concept of Trataka


A candle , which is an small thing that is kept in our house but this small single piece of an candle can change our life entirely. It is very much beneficial to both of our mind and the brain. When you see continuously keep concentration and see to the flame of an candle , it effects our brain and mind very effectively due to which we get a lot of power to face any challenges and to achieve whatever we want from our life . The practice of watching and putting concentration on the flame of the candle is called Candle Grazing Method also known as Trataka . It also increases the eye power of an human being. Many scientist and brain experts has proven,  after a lot of research and studies that we use more than 80% of our brain in overthinking and due to which our brain energy decreases and we can’t use our mind efficiently in that particular thing that we need to concentrate. To overcome from this problem you should put your mind in an silent stage . An silent mind can think and do the things which are related to your achievement that you need.

Trataka is an Sanskrit word which means to put concentration in one place . It is useful to clam down your mind and also decreases the mind noise which comes from overthinking. Tratak is an old method which is very much useful for the brain as well as for the body. To do this practice you need to place a candle in an 1.5 hand distance and continuously see to the flame of the candle and put your full concentration on it. After sometime tears will come from your eyes which is an normal thing. This method is very beneficial to know your own potential power. According to the history of many successful peoples , before 1000 years many peoples have done this method and became very much successful in their field. If you do daily at-least 5 min of trataka it can really change your life ever. The main power of trataka is that it increases the concentration power as we try continuously to put concentration on the flame of the candle due to which it increases the concentration power in an individual in their respective field like office, school, colleges. From trataka your can gain many beneficial supernatural powers likr eye power, concentration, less tiredness after a lot of hardwork, emotional capability, understanding power , logical power , creativity and etc. It is also very much helpful in the process of opening the third eye, I will discussed about the concept of the third eye in the coming post. Trataka is an great method which can be practice by an student to get control over their emotions and study as well . Trataka is also very much useful for the peoples who do jobs or businesses , it helps them to overcome from their tiredness and frustration. There are many who knows clearly about trataka and the one who knows and believe and know what are the powers behind it usually runs towards it to learn even more and achieve whatever they want .

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