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In every human being, in their brain, in their house, in their neighbour, in our planet , in far away stars, in crores of galaxies, in our whole universe there exist an most powerful energy which many of us may unknown about this. This energy is called Cosmic Energy. In this article I am gonna give you the idea of cosmic energy that what does it means, how it works, how it is beneficial to us.

This cosmic enery is also known to be universal energy. When there is an sufficient amount of cosmic energy in our body, then the flow of our blood in the nerves becomes very fast and due to which we feel high energy and stay energetic always. It is also useful for many things as it increases the memory power , our intelligiency power and etc. As we always wants to be smarter, confident, also want our aura to be very positive as like people likes us and etc. Many sucessful peoples in all around the world practice regular comic energy visualization to achieve their goals. When someone does something bigger or something to achieve his goal then actually that person is not doing that particular thing, this is all about subconscious mind and cosmic energy that is enabling that person to do so. If the power of cosmic energy comes in someone or that person achieve that power then that person becomes bery much sucessful in their respective goals or fields. Because this power actually exist in subconscious mind. When I always say anything about subconscious mind it actually means all about the power of cosmic energy or universal energy. Cosmic energy is present in everywhere as I said above and also with everyone it depends on that particular person that how that perso achieve it and utilise it on real life to acheive their goals.

Laws of attraction , some of you might know about the concept of Laws of attraction. This concept says that if you think of something continously and visualise it on our mind then there are some waves which get generated and goes to the universe and it comes to the reality after some days when you keep practicing it continously cause it creates such kind of situations from which whatever we thinks it comes to the reality. Now when you increase you comic energy power ,it increases the power of subconscious mind and also the power of law of attraction. I am not giving any false statrment its true and it has been scientifically proven by many experts and famous scientist if you don’t believe its upto you. I have provided some of the links below which gives the existence and prove of this concept . If you wish you can do some research and studies on it. All this concept has been written very well in quantum physics . If someone belongs from the field of quantum physics will understand more better, what I am trying to say. I do all the researches and studies and try to put an short summary in front of you because I know on todays date many peoples does’nt have much time to do all those research and read all those thousands of book and understand the real concept of quantum physics. There is no money required to practice this things right! Its totally free of cost . Just try once and then tell me that what I am saying is it really true or not. Now here one another question will arise in your mind that if there are waves which get generated while practicing law of attraction then why can’t we see it, why its not not visible right! The answer to this query is that guys there are many such kind of waves in all around us like radiational waves which get generated from our mobile phones , UV rays, Gamma rays and etc so can we see these waves! “No” right! as like that the waves of law of attraction are also gets generate which are not visible to us . In todays generation its not possible for us to believe this things but guys I am saying this after being a lot of deep research on it and from the studies of quantum physics and also this concepts has been proven by many famous scientist and many experts.

In todays generation many of us use to listen or read all those motivational videos and blogs which tells us to stay focus, concentrate , don’t forget your goals, remember your dreams and etc etc. I am not telling that this motivational stuffs are wrong but there is an fact that this movtivational things says us about what to do, it does’nt explain us how to do that thing to achive the goal. We everyone knows that whatever we do its depends on our mind that what we think and its energy level, but if your mind does’nt work properly, remain healthy then what is the use of this motivational stuff, how will you set your goals, how will achieve you succees. Once we watch or read an motivational stuff we get motivated but it remains only for 1-2 days we comes back to our normal routine after that. Therefore I am just trying to say that this motivational stuffs tell us what to do but it does’nt tells us how to do which is an also important factor as well. I am saying this just to make your mind strong because if your mind stays stronger then whatever your situation is , no matter you will be able to control it yourself and focus on your goals. If your brain power increases your subconscious mind power will also increase and also increase your comic energy power. If you can do this thing then really you don’t need all those so-called motivational stuffs.

The way to cosmic energy visualization is called as spinal cord energy visualization. Let me explain you what does this means. There are 7 chakras in our body from the end of our spinal cord to the top of our head. The bottom one which is at end of our spinal cord is called kundalini energy. The main concept is to take the energy from bottom which is at the end of the spinal cord to the top chakra which is top of our head. To do this you daily have to do meditate and visualize an energy ball at the bottom and take it to the top. Daily you don’t need to spend much time just 5-10 min of meditation and visualization of that energy ball is enough. You have to focus on that energy ball that is on the end of the spinal cord and visualize that its moving upwards to the top chakra which is at the top of your head. Do it repeatedly daily atleast 5-10 min. At the very first time you will not feel the energy most but after somedays when continously keep on doing this , you will feel the power even more and thus it will increase your cosmic energy power which will in turn increase the power of subconscious power and the power of law of attraction as I explained before . When you feel the energy don’t stop ,keep on doing it and after somedays you will feel an hottness in your spinal cord after 2-3 weeks. And thus this is an beneficial time to do something, to think of something better, to make your goals more better. It will also increase your memory power, your intelligency, confident and etc.

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