Free AIA Files

We are providing free aia files, which can be used in all the platforms to create android apps (Kodular, Thunkable, Makeroid, Android Studio). We were given some of the files on these sites. If you are making an android app and if you need some sort of help while creating your app.

You can use our free provided aia files to modify and create the app. If you are making a most complicated app, where are using a lot of features like API key, firebase authentication, SQL database. And if you need some help while creating your app or any advice, then kindly contact us. We will definitely get back to you and will help you while creating your app.

Below some of the aia files, the link is given if you wish you can download and modify and use it in your app. After downloading the app change the package name and the version code, so that you can use that aia file in your application completely.

And also in some of the aia files, there might be some AdMob banner ads. Kindly remove it or if you wish to provide your own advertisement then kindly change the ad ID in your android platform from AdMob advertisement

APP NameDrive Link
Chat App AIA File
Image Editor AIA File
Music AIA File
Premium Browser AIA File
Racing Game AIA File
Shayari AIA File
Earning App AIA File
Calculator AIA File