Zero Thought of Mind

Zero Thought Of Mind


Basically zero thought means that there should be nothing in mind. There are only few peoples who can do and acheive the stage of zero thought of mind . The monks are the first who had discovered the concept of zero thought of mind and done it and thus had been proved . Many centuries ago some of most famous scientist and experts has done an experiment on some of the monks. On that experiment they put all the monks in an 4 degree Celsius temperatured room with an wet cloth over their body . After a moment there’s an miracle . The wet cloth which was covered in monks body becomes hot and also vapors got generated and were coming out from the wet cloth and thus the cloth became hot. All the experts and scientist who were doing this experiment on those monks had became shock with this miracle that how the monks had made that wet cloth to dry in that 4 degree celcius temperated room without being any source of heat. After being a few research and studies the experts came to know that its all about the power zero thought of mind and subconscious mind . The monks had done this by doing meditation and by going depth into it . Where they took their their mind to the zero thought stage to achieve the power of zero thought of mind. It is also related to  the power of subconscious mind which I have been already explained in my previous article. The meditation which we usually use to do and the meditatiin which is done while practicing zero thought of mind are different. The main difference between meditation done for zero thought of mind and general meditation is that in general meditation we try to make our mind silent and try to take the control over our thought , in short we try to do something in general meditation but in zero thought we don’t try to do anything, we don’t try to think of anything. The stage of zero thought of mind can be achieved when we do meditation continuously for a longer period of time. After few moment a time comes when there is no thoughts in our mind . At that time actually we don’t try to stop our thoughts it gets stop automatically due to our subconscious mind . As we have trained it by continously doing meditation for a longer period of time to stop all those thoughts and that’s the stage which is called the zero thought of mind stage. Many peoples are very much unknown about the power of their mind, power of subconscious mind and the power of the zero thought of mind.

     At the time before 100 centuries no one could imagine the technologies like mobile phones and computers. But on today’s date it is possible . Same here in the case of the supernatural powers which exist and are also normal but fact is that the one need to realize it. Supernatural powers are an controversy topic means some people believes in it and some of then don’t.

I am not forcing anyone to do meditation and go to the zero thought of stage but if you are an that kind of person who really wants to know everything and have interest in related topics like supernatural powers astral travelling then the one cannot ignore this because many famous scientist and experts has done this after being a lot of researcher and studies and thus had been proven . If you have interest on this you can also do a little bit of research over the internet. In the experiment of the monks if they can evaporate an wet cloth with the process of the power zero thoughts of mind and with the help of their mind then just imagine what else are the things that can also be achieve by using this technique.

Power of healing , you might heard about this in internet or somewhere else. Power healing is an power by which an person can cure another person who is injured by his mind and also from all the problems. Telepathy its an technique by which one can read others mind , analyse their emotions. Body temperature control , as in the monk experiment how they control their body temperature. Suspension of gravity lift yourself in air . It is also done by doing deep meditation and going to the zero stage of mind. You all might think that what I am saying! and would say that it’s not possible right! but guys I have done a lot of researches and studies om these topics and after that I am saying you this things in an short summary so that you don’t have to do so much of researches and studies. If you don’ t believe on me then you can do some research on the internet by yourself and you will come to know thar exactly what I am trying to say and is it true or not!

Now I am going to explain the process of doing zero thought in short summary in this blog. In my later blogs I will definiately write in detail and more facts and way for zero thought of mind. To go to the zero thought of stage you have do meditation and concentrate on it. You might feel like you not being able to do concentration but when you do meditation for a longer period of time and go deep into it . Your subconscious mind gets trained and reprogram to stop all the thoughts and then your mind starts to stop all the thoughts that are coming to your mind automatically and after few moments it goes to the zero thought of stage. After that whatever your aim in life , your goals , whatever you need you can achieve through these technique. I have not covered all the topics on zero thought of mind power. I will write it on my later blogs. If you have any opinions or suggestions on this article kindly write it on the comment section . We really love to here a few words from you. Thanks for reading this post and spending a couple of valuable time on our site.

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