21 Days of Habbit

21 days habbit of subcinscious mind technique

Subconscious Mind

In this blog I am going to share a most effective way by which one can stay focus at their respective field. It is very much useful and it really works. We have found this technique after being a lot of research over the internet and also from our studies on quantum physics. Did you ever tried to make you brain constant at one particular point! Did you ever tried to make your mind focus, concentrate like at studies, your job, goals etc. If you have tried then you might have face an similar obstacle right! You might been able to stay focus for some couple of days like mostly 1-2 weeks. But after that you again comes back to your normal schedule right! Its very difficult to make one’s mind focus and stay concentrate for a longer period of time. But its also not so difficult if you know the correct path how our brain works and how to program and reprogram it. The real problem is not actually with us or with our mind, its actually due to today’s growing social media and technology. We usually becomes so much busy with our social activities that after couple of days we forgot that what we have planned about our goals and what we are doing now. Many peoples just says ” its just an bullshit” and just move on. They tried to remain focus but after a couple of days they comes back to their normal stage and just give up. I was also been from similar situation and now I have grown up from those obstacles. And found an way, that how to deal with it. And on this blog I am gonna share my experience about how we can reprogram our mind. If you feel that it is interesting and helpful, kindly drop your opinion on the comment section. First of all, let me clear you one thing that we can’t fight against today’s growing technology and social media ! We cant! Its better to find a way from the middle of it. I have done few studies on quantum physics about humans brain power. That how it works, how it can be program, and reprogram according to the ones needs. So from this I have actually found an way how to deal with it . And guys honestly I am speaking, it really works. So read this article from beginning to the end and if you have any query or have any opinion kindly drop it on the comment section.

Change and Make an new Habit-21 days?

As we all knows, we all are suffering from the same problem and that is we all fail every-time whenever we try to make our mind focus at one particular thought. Now the question is that how to make our mind focus and stay concentrate on one particular thought! Everyone in this world has an weakness in their mind due to which they are not being to able to make their mind focus. If you can identify that weakness then you can change it and make you mind focused. The weakness might be of many kind like you might addicted to your social media activities, laziness, watching TV all the time and so on. So basically all this weakness are actually you habits which you have built over time and due to all these habits you are not being able to make you mind focus right! So first thing is that to identify your weakness or habit due to which you are not being able to focus. Now the next step is to change your that particular habit. I have done a lot of research about this that how to make a new habit and remove an earlier habit. Because guys its not an easy task to remove and make a new habit instantly. For example if you want to wake up early in the morning, its not possible to make this habit in one day. Because you have made an habit to wake late in the morning and now again to change it, will take some time. I will also discuss about the fact that why it requires certain days to remove and make an new habit later in this blog. 21 days, guys after being through some research and from the studies of quantum physics I have found that to remove and make an new habit in your life takes 21 days of duration Therefore, if you continuously do an certain habit for the next 21 days then you can create an habit and remove the earlier ones. These 21 days of fact that I am telling its been also been scientifically proven in many countries by many famous scientist at the ancient times. And now we getting to know this fact from the studies of quantum physics, it has been clearly written at quantum physics about the practice of 21 days to change an habit. If you have any doubt or you are not agree to believe it then you can also do a little bit of research about this fact of 21 days. I am telling you these fact which has been scientifically proven and its really work guys! I have also been tried this and I am honestly speaking I have got the result. Just try it once and tell me in the comment section that it works or not honestly.

Reason behind 21 days

The most powerful organ that an human being has in their body is their subconscious mind from which one can achieve anything is his/her life whatever they want. When we try to do something regularly like studying, waking up early in the morning, focus on our goals, we give up doing all these stuffs after being few days. We can’t do those stuffs regularly as we thought or made our plans. Actually its all about our subconscious mind, we have actually not made our subconscious mind to do all these task. We have created our subconscious mind to do what we don’t want to. First of all, we need to activate our subconscious mind to do that particular task. Many of you whoever reading this article might have an question at your mind that why it takes 21 days of duration? That why I need to continuously do a particular task for the next 21 days to make an habit ? Why not 1 week? Why not 2-3 days. Now I will explain you about this process.

There are actually some neurons at our brain which works with certain conditions and performs the task. So when we do an single task for the next 21 days continuously then the neurons which are present at our brain gets changed. It doesn’t change only at our psychological level, it also get changed at the physical level of our brain too. This fact of the changes of neurons has been came to known after being a lots of research and studies. In my blogs I usually used to give the short summary about some of the most interesting facts that I come across while my research and studies. If have any query at your mind, then you can also do a little bit of research about and you can write it on the comment. We will really appreciate you for this.
This process of 21 days, not only changes the neurons at our brain, it also changes all the habits that are being stored at our subconscious mind earlier and due to which the one is not being able to stay focus. And when you continuously do one particular task for the next 21 days, then the new neurons gets generated and activated at our brain and due to which the task which we are being doing from last 21 days get stored at your subconscious mind along with the newly generated neurons and the earlier one gets removed. And after that the task which you were doing from being last 21 days becomes an habit for us and thus an new habit gets created at your daily schedule. For example if you keep on studying regularly up-to 2-3 hours daily for the next 21 days. Then after 21 days it will become an habit for you and you will be able to study regularly up-to 2-3 hours a days and even more. Thus here only the main difficult thing is that you have to do that task regularly, anyhow for next 21 days and survive. After that you don’t have to worry about it. Thus it will become an regular habit for you. And therefore this is the main reason behind 21 days of duration. Its because of our subconscious mind and the neurons at our mind, it requires 21 days of time to replace an habit. It’s all about our subconscious mind activities once if you can change and reprogram your subconscious mind activities then you can achieve anything in your life and do whatever you wish, because our subconscious mind is one of the most powerful thing in this universe that we have. In fact you can live an life of your own wish. I have already written a lot of blogs about how the power our subconscious mind is, how it works and how to make work. If you like then you can also read those articles too. We will really appreciate you for doing this and if have any opinion then kindly drop it at the comment section.

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