Data Visualization

A great source of “eye candy” for any advertising campaign is a good data visualization. The very best way to use this tool is to not use it just for the sake of making it look good but to use it for strategic planning. You can use visualization in theContinue Reading

Data Mining

The most comprehensive and highly productive of all the statistical techniques is data mining. It can be defined as the systematic analysis of data to obtain specific results. Unlike other techniques, data mining does not require a person to know the relevant information; it only requires that he should collectContinue Reading

Data engineering is a newly defined area of software engineering. It deals with identifying problems, creating solutions, and presenting these solutions to the programmers. It is not the traditional subject of software engineering, which deals with the design and programming of software. In addition, the term ‘data’ is an attemptContinue Reading

It is important to understand how cutting edge technology impacts the financial world. The number of companies looking at developing new products or doing research and development with more advanced technology makes for an interesting landscape. Understanding how cutting edge technology impacts the industry is not only a valuable assetContinue Reading

Do you have cute acrylic nails? Chances are, you probably do. But if you’re anything like the many women in the world who use artificial nails to look more natural, it’s also very likely that you’re not completely happy with them. It’s time to take a look at some ofContinue Reading