Career Suggestions For Young Adults

Posted on November 5, 2020

Youth is a gift you can’t afford to take advantage of.  If you hope to create a stable picture of your  future, you have to start young.  

Hard work and proper money management will take you far, but first you need a career.  You need a source.  If you’re having trouble deciding upon a career path, take some time for research.  Here is a quick look at some useful career suggestions for young adults.  

Interior designer

Interior design will never go out of style.  If you seek a creative career that offers longevity, educate yourself in the realm of interior design.  

Take time to get a feel for what a stellar interior designer produces, and consider the craft.  The average yearly income of interior designers in the United States currently sits around $57,000, so there’s a significant opportunity for financial stability in this niche.  

Web developer 

The internet is another solid factor in the world’s future.  A career as a web developer can be fairly lucrative, and the average stress levels of the job are pretty low.  

The hours of web developers are oftentimes super flexible and self set.  Make around $65,000 a year working your mind as a web developer, and enjoy being on the cutting edge of today’s communications and commerce.  

Dental hygienist

If you’re not too shy to get up close and personal with your client’s mouth, a career as a dental hygienist can provide a cushion in your bank account.  

The median annual income of dental hygienists in the United States hovers around $70-75,000 (depending on your source), and the stress that is associated with the job isn’t too bad either.  

Mechanical engineer

You can make a really good income working in the field of mechanical engineering.  Of course, you’ll first need to get through the educational requirements of the job.  

The payout, however, will grant you a median annual income of around $83,000.  You’ll need a good mind for math and sharp problem solving skills to excel in this line of work.  


You may think the job of making maps is long outdated, but you would be wrong.  Google Maps is changing and growing every day, and it needs the assistance of trained cartographers to gather detailed data.  The stress levels of working as a cartographer are low, and the pay runs around $60,000 a year.  

Massage therapist 

It takes a special personality to really fall in naturally in the field of massage therapy.  If you have a heart for healing, your energy and your hands are your most profitable tools.  The stress associated with massage therapy is low, and you can easily imagine why.  The median income is $38,000 per year.  

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