Tips for creating the perfect CV

Posted on May 27, 2022

Work placements, apprenticeship programmes, job searches – everywhere you need the very document that briefly introduces you to the company.

How To Reinvent Yourself
How To Reinvent Yourself

A CV is a very important tool in the job search! In order to make a good impression on the recruiter, this document should be literate, structured, informative enough and at the same time capacious. Special online services and simple resume examples can be of great help in creating a resume.

Let’s work together to figure out how to write the perfect resume, so it gets noticed, and you’re called in for an interview.

Tip 1: Use a ready-made service

Go to any job search website. They all offer a quick and easy way to write a good resume. You can then download the finished document in the format you want.

Tip 2. Be clear about the position

Your employer should know from the start what you are applying for. It is important that you put no more than three jobs in your resume, as long as they are similar. If they are of a fundamentally different nature, it is better to write several resumes and send them separately.

Tip 3. Keep it short

Keep in mind that a resume is a business document and should be written in an informational style. You should not write more than two pages of your resume describing your life and listing all the positive qualities you have in your life. The employer won’t be able to deduce the really important information.

Use lists and tables, e.g. by listing your responsibilities in your previous job. This will allow you to structure the information and navigate quickly through the document.

Tip 4. Write about your strengths

If you have little or no work experience at this stage, focus on your education. Talk about your achievements, participation and victories in competitions or conferences.

Think about which of your skills are the most relevant to the job you want to do and list them.

Tip 5. Remember about the layout

Do not make your resume too ornate by using, for example, multicolored fonts. A consistent style across all sections, a clean, well readable font and no errors are the best choices you can make when creating this document.

If you still want it to stand out, use simple resume examples. It’s pre-designed to avoid common beginner’s mistakes that can make your CV unreadable.

Bonus. The power of a cover letter

It’s considered good form to attach a cover letter to your CV. In this way, amongst the strict form of self-presentation, you have the opportunity to express yourself, tell the employer why you want the particular job vacancy, write briefly about your strengths.

A cover letter can also make your CV stand out from the rest.

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