It is not uncommon for anemia to be a cause of concern in women of childbearing age. The causes for anemia in females are many and complex, which means that there are many causes for anemia in women other than pregnancy. Anemia that is caused by obesity is a commonContinue Reading

Health tips for pregnant women

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the best way to avoid illness and improve the quality of life. Eating healthy foods, exercising, and regulating emotional stability have a great impact on the maintenance of health. But in the midst of busy activities, such as working and running the house, women oftenContinue Reading

What is Aromatherapy

What is Aromatherapy? The search for the answer to this question has been going on since the introduction of Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy, if defined properly, could be described as the use of scents and smells to alleviate the symptoms of different conditions and ailments. Aromatherapy uses a variety of essential oils,Continue Reading