10 Excellent Ideas on How to Learn Anything Faster

Posted on January 5, 2022

To get success in life, you have to put relentless effort and should be ready to learn anything. The bigger the success you expect, the more effort you have to put. Your spirit of learning anything with sincerity and dedication will determine the size of your success or achievement. 

But only learning something is not enough. You should be able to learn anything faster not to lag behind in this fast-changing competitive world. We have compiled a list of methods by applying which, you will be able to know how to learn anything faster.

Methods to Learn Fast

1. Teach Someone or Pretend to Teach

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Teaching someone can be a great way to learn something fast. It will help you to grasp the ideas quickly. Perhaps a question has hit your mind “what if there is no one to learn from me?”

You don’t need to worry about that. This question has also a solution. Even if you don’t find anyone to teach you can pretend to teach yourself. You can apply this technique by standing in front of the mirror or seeing an object.

According to a study conducted by Washington University, those who teach others or pretend to teach themselves can speed up their learning process.

2. Take Notes By Hand

Instead of taking notes on a laptop, try to take notes by using pen and paper. It will help you to remember and comprehend better. According to research conducted by Princeton University, it has been found that students who take notes by hand listen more actively. It is also one of the practical methods of learning productively. Try to take legible notes in the mid of your paper and note down only the main ideas, concepts and examples.

3. Apply Pomodoro Technique

By applying the Pomodoro technique, you can learn anything faster. This technique is all about taking a pause of 5-10 minutes after studying continuously for 25-30 minutes. It has been proved by a study that brief but frequent learning lesson is always helpful to speed up the learning process. If you learn anything for more than 50 minutes continuously, you will feel exhausted. Therefore by taking a reasonable break during the two learning sessions is very important.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential to make us feel peaceful after going through all the hustle and bustle. Sleep will help you to feel relaxed. It will help you to memorise faster and increase your capacity to retain things for a longer period of time. Sleep deprivation can reduce your ability to retain information in your memory.

To have good sleep, you should follow some important habits like reading books before going to bed and keeping yourself away from screens. Avoid using mobile phones or watching television for at least one hour before going to bed.

5. Do Exercise Regularly

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By doing regular exercise, you will be able to strengthen your memory power. According to a study conducted by McMaster University, high-intensity exercise is good for high interference memory. High interference memory is helpful for remembering faces. It is an essential skill to make connections with people.

Exercise also helps to increase a chemical called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), a protein that supports the function, growth and survival of brain cells.

6. Take a Study Nap

When you take a nap between the two learning sessions you will be able to retain the information faster. In an experiment in France, participants were taught Swahili translation for 16 French words in two sessions. One group of participants took the first learning session in the morning and the second learning session in the evening. The participants of the second group took the first learning session in the evening and the second learning session in the morning. 

It was found in the experiment that the participants of the second group were able to answer more than the first group.

7. Test Yourself

When you test yourself, your learning speed will be faster. The study shows that when you test yourself and answer incorrectly, you are able to remember the right answer well. By testing yourself, you will also be able to remember those facts that you could not remember earlier. The more you test yourself the more you will gain confidence. Thus you won’t have to face difficulties during the exam. You can practice this by appearing in mock tests even before your competitive exams.

8. Change the Way of Practice

When you practice a skill, again and again, it will decrease the skill rather than increase them. If you want to master a new skill, you should repeat the basic concept. Before practicing again you should give your brain some time. According to research from Johns Hopkins, you should study a slightly modified version of a task you want to master. It will help you to learn faster than practicing the same thing in a continuous way. 

According to Pablo A. Celnik, Senior Study Author and Professor of Physical Medicine, if you want to master a task, you should try a slightly modified version of doing the task.

9. Make Your Sound Loud

When you read something out loud, you can grasp the thing faster than reading silently. It will also help you to comprehend the material more easily. By saying loudly, you can involve yourself actively in the learning process. Thus your active involvement will benefit your learning and memory which help you to remember the material in a great way.

10. Associate the Topics

When you relate a new topic with a familiar topic, then it will be known as associative learning. Even if you can not associate the whole thing but by associating partially also helps. When you already know a thing and try to associate it with a new thing you can learn the new topic faster. Associative learning helps you to remember a thing for a longer period of time and you can also comprehend the topic easily.


There are other numerous methods to help you to know how to learn anything faster. The aforementioned methods will also help you to learn faster and to climb up the ladder of success in any field.

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