Why Physical Education should be Mandatory in Schools

There are many reasons why physical education should be mandatory in schools. The importance of physical activity and healthy nutrition cannot be understated. Below are some examples:

– Because it allows children to increase their blood circulation, their heart’s ability to pump more blood to the brain, increases muscle mass and provides a wider range of motion in the body. It also helps the child stay healthier as they move around more during school and in the neighborhood. Some research has shown that children who participate in some form of physical activity regularly have better vision and hearing skills, which can help them excel in school.

– These activities also keep children from becoming overweight. Studies have shown that obesity is directly related to memory loss and other learning disabilities. Other research shows that physical activity helps reduce the risk of diabetes, as well as lower the risk of certain cancers.

– Because children learn more when they are moving around. In addition to teaching motor skills, the child learns more by using their imagination and coming up with ways to solve problems. Also, it helps them learn the basics of science.

– It allows children to engage in physical competition. Many studies have shown that children who participate in sports often out perform children who do not. This improves their self-esteem and their confidence, which can make them more confident in social situations later on.

– Social skills are crucial for kids in today’s world. There are many problems related to bullying and violence in schools. Physical activity also helps keep children safe and improves their social skills.

– The presence of physical activity not only makes children physically active, but it also strengthens their minds and their bodies. It helps them develop and strengthen their mind and their body. This is beneficial in their entire life.

– Because it increases the knowledge and skills of children in sports, physical activity can be a very successful tool in improving their skills. It is also an important tool in teaching children to prepare for activities and emergency situations. Kids learn how to manage themselves in a crisis and how to survive.

– Physical activity also boosts self-esteem. When a child participates in physical activity, they gain a sense of accomplishment. It is a way to let the child know that they are able to accomplish things when they set their mind to it.

For many parents, one of the most compelling reasons for why physical education should be mandatory in schools is that physical activity keeps children fit and healthy. It may seem a small thing to take into consideration, but it is definitely a worthwhile benefit. It also enhances a child’s sense of self-worth and his sense of control over his own health.

Finally, parents should also consider the advantages that physical education has on their child. It teaches children discipline, it helps build stronger muscles, it increases focus and mental skills, and it improves eyesight and hearing. It also provides children with valuable life skills that can come in handy later on when they are adults.

Whether or not you choose to engage in physical education in school is really up to you. However, when it comes to preventing illness and developing lifelong habits, you would be hard pressed to argue against the benefits of physical education. Why not start by taking it into consideration?



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