How Do We Judge A Fashion Show?

How do we judge a fashion show? I like to use what is called the three C’s. And that is what they are called because they all involve clothes and why we want to judge a fashion show in the first place.

What are these three C’s? Fashionable Clothing: What I mean by this is clothing that looks good and suits you in some way. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will fit you well because you are buying that particular item of clothing. It means it looks good and it suits you in some way.

Comfortable Clothing: You want to feel comfortable while wearing that particular clothing so it’s one of the three C’s I use. You want to be comfortable so when you wear it you don’t mind it and you wear it for a period of time. This is similar to how we judge a fashion show.

The other two, which I use quite a bit, are useful if you are a fashion designer because you can use them to give your samples. There are a lot of different places to get your samples and if you can look at the kind of clothing that someone else is wearing to you or as an example to you, you can look at that person’s samples and see what they are looking for.

Can you use the details of the clothing to judge a fashion show? Maybe not as much as the first two, but the main three still apply. How you judge a fashion show is a matter of judging the clothing you see to suit you. Sometimes we look at what someone else is wearing and get the idea from that, but if we look closely enough we can really judge whether or not that particular clothing makes you look good.

What about if you are getting your designs for something specific? Do you start with the design of the clothes or do you begin with the general idea and then work on the specific detail? It depends on the problem you are trying to solve with the design.

Do you like the way the clothes look and not the design? Does it look good when you wear it or not? There are people who are very keen on making a fashion statement by just looking good. So when they are wearing clothes that don’t suit them and make them look good, the rest of us want to judge them and tell them so.

But there are those that like to buy clothes that make them look good so they look good when they are wearing them. They buy things that make them look good. So, what we can really judge a fashion show is to see what type of clothes suit them best.

Do you know what this is? It is the kind of knowledge that is available only through experience. If you are just reading magazines and seeing what designers are doing, then you are very far away from being able to judge a fashion show because it is a very subjective matter.

So, if you have a designer you like, and they have designed the clothes that you like, then you have to buy those clothes. Now, if you can use your fashion experience and take a look at the clothes and see if they suit you, then you are very close to judging a fashion show. Which is how you decide whether or not you want to buy the clothes.

If you can judge a fashion show by looking at what is happening in the clothes on the runway then you are a fashion expert. You know what works and what doesn’t work. So, that knowledge is priceless.

Now, if you have this knowledge and you can judge a fashion show, what other part of fashion are you going to be using? Well, you probably know all the top designers and you love all their clothes.


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