Top Fashion Tips For Fat Women

Posted on November 14, 2019

Fashionable tips for complete include methods and methods of visual correction of the  dress design figure. However, you do not have to strive to seem thin at all costs. It is enough to emphasize the femininity of the figure and get rid of the burden and heaviness in the image 

Top 10 tips for fashionistas “in the body”

1:Wear new dress design   clothing – a sheath dress made of a dense (but not thick) fabric is perfectly slim.

2:If you like black, great. But you should not dress up from head to toe only in black. Accentuate your strengths (lush chest, appetizing hips or thin waist) with bright accents – an original neckerchief or pendant, purse or belt.

3:It is better to buy knitted T-shirts or short-sleeved tops a size larger – so they will not “jump”, exposing extra centimeters at the waist.

4:To emphasize the beauty of your legs, use A-line skirts.
5 : Never wear tight shoes – it not only looks awful, but also dangerous to health.

6:Avoid clothes with a lowered belt – most often these outfits visually shorten your legs. Pay attention to clothes with a high waistline.

7: Midi length – only for tall and slim. Everyone else is better to refuse such clothes. If the knee length seems too short for you, choose dresses and skirts to the floor, but not midi.

8: Do not neglect corrective underwear. High-quality body or shorts with a pull can really help you look more attractive.
9:A V-neckline visually lengthens the neck and focuses on the chest. Full girls should definitely use this, making their looks more sexy.

10: And the main fashion tip is love yourself. The inner light is more expensive than any jewelry, and self-confidence and a happy sparkle in the eyes are more attractive than the most fashionable and stylish outfits.

General recommendations

  • If a diet is a way of life for you, and losing weight is goal number 1, this is not a reason to hide behind shapeless clothes until you say goodbye to extra pounds. Evelina Khromchenko urges women to look perfect every day, and not wait until the diet brings long-awaited results.
  • Fashion is an integral component of style, but nevertheless, a selective approach is needed to modern trends. For example, a full woman is not recommended to wear topical bikes, leather leggings or leggings.
  • Forget also about oversized bags – they visually make the figure even more voluminous.
  • As for fabrics, here a fashion expert warns of several prohibitions. For example, the texture of the boucle is aging and plump, and thin skin ugly fits. All the flaws immediately give a fine texture and flimsy knitwear.
  • To hide the fullness of the arms in the triceps and biceps area, do not strip or fit this area. A free sleeve is what you need.

About the importance of color

For full girls black clothes are allowed, but with a competent approach. If you hide flaws with dark colors, be sure to also emphasize the virtues with bright accents. For example, you can use a necklace or scarf in the neckline.

Keep calm shades in clothes that create interesting color combinations in the images. This advice is especially relevant for women over 40 years old – their wardrobe should mainly consist of plain clothes that stretch the silhouette. Layering, successful colors and an emphasis on the waist – our all!

Evelina talked about the wonderful properties of a monochrome image even before it became a leading trend. The ensemble, which is designed in one palette, visually slim and adds a few centimeters of growth.

Tips from Evelina Khromchenko for overweight women remind about the danger of print. A large regular pattern fills, and a too small regular print (like peas or a cage) creates an emphasis on extra pounds

What should be in the wardrobe

The great power of a basic wardrobe is hard to overestimate. Evelina calls him a designer, which everyone has, but ideally suits only one woman. Having created a successful classic base, you will forget about the problem “I have nothing to wear” and you will enjoy a smart wardrobe in which everything is successfully combined with each other.

Waist Tights

There are no full legs, there are bad tights. Many women, in pursuit of beautiful dresses, masking extra centimeters, for some reason discard tights. And, by the way, this is the same magic wand that drains the fullness, camouflages irregularities and folds, makes the legs slender and smooth. In winter, dense dark tights have such magic, and in summer, body colors with a dragging effect come to the rescue.

Graceful shoes

When choosing shoes, focus not only on its comfort, but also on elegance and relevance. A stud is contraindicated for full ladies, but the “green light” is lit by neat shoes with a stable heel. Remember a little trick: choosing shoes in the color of trousers, you make your legs visually slimmer and longer.


If you do not yet have a fashionable trouser suit in a light oversize format, then urgently correct the situation! Such a thing will not only mask the imperfections of the figure from prying eyes, but also noticeably refresh the wardrobe.

Dresses and skirts

Dresses and skirts are an indispensable component of any women’s wardrobe. The ideal length, according to a fashion expert, is just below the knee. It is important that these things fit well. A slip in size in one direction or another will underline all the flaws or turn the figure into a shapeless bag.

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