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Posted on October 7, 2020

Introduction of Alzheimer

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Alzheimer is a serious disease, anyone who has a family member or friend that has Alzheimer’s disease should pay close attention to this program. This short and simple information is write by Mary Alice Carter, PhD, a dementia counselor.

One of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s is forgetting things. It could be noticing that you left the stove on, forgetting what time it was, forgetting where you put your wallet, or even forgetting where you have put your keys. Any of these can be a sign of this disease.

So, what can you do about this? This is something you should learn more about before it is too late.

Symptoms of Alzheimer

First, make sure your loved one gets medical attention if they are not feeling well. Some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s are confusion, fatigue, depression, irritability, and fatigue. And they might even notice that they are forgetting things. You want to get them as much help as possible because they need it.

Also, do not get overly concerned with all the “oh my God, what is Alzheimer’s” type of stories. Some relatives of a love one have told these by people who have it. Not all dementia cases are the same. Know that there are different types of dementia, not all of which are noticeable or detectable until it is too late.

There are some very good resources online that can help you understand what Alzheimer’s is and how it can affect your loved one. It is a disease that gradually progresses, so as time goes on, your loved one might experience changes in behavior. The good news is that some of the changes will not seem very noticeable at first.

Different type of Alzheimer

You may also want to look into Alzheimer’s nutrition. Just like there are different types of dementia, so are there nutritional differences and concerns.

Sometimes when someone has Alzheimer’s, the symptoms are not obvious. You may notice that they are confuse. Then, if they are cooking or cleaning, they may seem to forget where they put the stove, the dishes, the food, or whatever.

Sometimes when a loved one has Alzheimer’s, they think that they forgot to fill out a form. Then, they will either forget to fax it in, or they will forget that they actually filled it out.

As with any kind of change, your family member or friend should be aware of their own reactions to these things. For example, someone with Alzheimer’s might remember that they sent a form in but not that they filled it out.

Do not be alarm if your loved one seems “disoriented”nervous” in memory or thinking about their daily activities. These are signs that your loved one is getting help. It might take some time, but you want to make sure that they receive the help they need, and soon.

If your love one has Alzheimer’s, do not be alarm if they forget things. Remember that it is not their fault, but it is something that you and the rest of the family should be aware of so that

they know to keep their hands and minds open.

How To cure

Since Alzheimer’s is a disease that can’t be cure, some people don’t know what causes it. The cause of Alzheimer’s has been determine to be either genetic or environmental. Although there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s, there are some steps you can take to help delay the progression of the disease.

First, it has been determine that the causes of Alzheimer’s may be hereditary or environmental. Although there is no known cause for Alzheimer’s, doctors and scientists have come up with several different theories about the causes of the disease. Genetic factors have found to increase the risk of Alzheimer’s, especially if the family has several members who are carriers of the gene that causes Alzheimer’s. For example, if someone in the family has Alzheimer’s, it is more likely that one of their children will get the disease.

Environmental factors have also linked to Alzheimer’s. Some environmental factors include certain foods, smoking, and air pollution. Aside from the foods that cause Alzheimer’s, other possible causes include cigarette smoke, alcohol, occupational hazards, and radiation exposure.

Symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s include memory loss, confusion, agitation, depression, and behavioral changes. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s can range from mild to severe depending on the individual, the type of Alzheimer’s, and the severity of the disease.


Treatments for Alzheimer’s include prescription medications, medication to control hallucinations, diet and nutrition supplements, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychiatric medications. When taking medication for the disease, patients are encourage to eat a well- balance diet and exercise regularly to help keep them from developing cognitive and behavioral problems.

Symptoms can begin as early as 20 years old and worsen over time. When symptoms appear, it is important to seek out professional advice before changes in lifestyle, drugs, or alcohol consumption might worsen the symptoms.

When there is suspicion that an individual may have Alzheimer’s, a doctor will first check to see if he or she has any memory problems. If a person is suffering from memory loss, it can be difficult to diagnose the disease, but over the years, medical researchers have learned a lot about what causes memory loss.

As we age, our bodies change so that the brain doesn’t have to perform the same functions as it did when we were younger. While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, some preventative measures are possible.

One thing that can be done to help prevent Alzheimer’s is to limit the amount of alcohol that an individual drinks each day. Alcoholism and alcohol abuse can cause damage to the brain, and that damage can lead to the development of Alzheimer’s.

Another way to prevent Alzheimer’s is to learn how to control the drinking of alcohol. For example, some doctors suggest that individuals with no history of alcoholism should be avoid if they are at risk of developing Alzheimer’s because alcohol can cause dementia.

How to take care

Drink plenty of water daily and get plenty of sleep. As well as taking multi-vitamins that are beneficial to the brain. Avoid stress, and maintain a healthy weight to help keep the body functioning properly.

With these simple tips, anyone can protect themselves from developing signs of Alzheimer’s. To prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s, you just need to make changes in your lifestyle, eat a well- balanced diet, and exercise.

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