Effects of Junk Food – Are They Really That Bad?

The effect of junk food on a child is one of the most common queries we hear when a child goes off to school. Unfortunately, the effects of junk food may not be as evident as we believe.

When we eat fast food we are eating a lot of this stuff and it’s easy to make assumptions. Junk food usually contains a lot of saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, sugar and other ingredients which are bad for you. But, that doesn’t mean that all junk food is bad for you.

The modern junk food can have all the nutrients necessary for a growing child, but the nutrition in junk food is typically made up of little more than sugar, salt and high fructose corn syrup. These are important to a child’s body, but they’re not as vital to your child’s development as we think.

Not only are these “junk” foods dangerous for the growing child, but they may actually do more harm to the child in the long run by decreasing their nutrient absorption and decreasing their growth rate. In order to have healthy children, we must give them the right nutrition.

The effects of junk food on a child begin in the womb. While we tend to think that it is during the first few months of life that children really begin to develop, this is not true.

During the first year of life, the proper nutrients will be able to get into the child’s system, but the body doesn’t really know what to do with them. As the body starts to take in the vitamins and minerals that are essential to a developing child, the growth hormones in the body start to kick in.

It is after the growth hormone levels reach puberty that the effects of junk food start to become apparent. Junk food has been proven to cause a slowing down of growth, an increase in weight, and even a decrease in height.

Now, the effects of junk food may seem exaggerated during the teenage years. However, it’s worth mentioning that this is not just a few kids who are having problems.

Just as adults who consume fatty foods or who take drugs may develop cancer, children who start eating junk food later in life may start to experience these problems. It’s often said that if a child has a healthy relationship with junk food, then the chances of them developing an eating disorder are greatly decreased.

A healthy relationship with junk food may help keep children from developing an eating disorder later in life. We should never, ever, take the effect of junk food into consideration when our children are growing up.

Many parents try to explain to their children that junk food is OK if they eat it on special occasions or if they don’t have control over what the child chooses to eat. This is an issue, because the effects of junk food can be detrimental to a child’s health.

When our children are growing up, we need to make sure that they’re allowed to make bad choices in food. This is a healthy way to encourage them, rather than putting them in a situation where they’re restricted in the things that they can eat.


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