How to do lucid dream and what does it means?

Posted on February 11, 2020

Lucid dream is an kind of dream where you can feel yourself and you know well that you’re in a dream. With the help of lucid dream you explore anywhere you want. You can do whatever you wish as it’s an virtual world for you at this time.

Most of the time dreams which you see or feel at the time of sleeping, you forget everything once you wake up right! if you remember also, but not all the stuffs that you’ve done at your dream. You will be able to remember only an small potion of it. But in lucid dreaming you know everything that you’re dreaming and after you wake up, then also you remember what you’ve seen in your dreams.

It’s not like that only certain peoples have the capability of doing lucid dreaming, who can take control over their mind, it can be done by everyone. But then also only few people can do this lucid dream. It actually depends on practice. Well on this blog I am going to discuss on lucid dream.Dream hypotheses recommend it’s an opportunity to interface with different parts of your mind (by conversing with various dream characters) and even with inner subconscious mind.

When you realize that you’re in an lucid dream, you will find a weird new world of which you are completely mindful and can control with the intensity of thought. This thing might be a little confusing to figure it out that at your dreaming time- are you in lucid dream or in a dream as usual. In order to check the reality of your dream you can have an regular habit practice.

To do the reality check of your dream, there are many ways, you can try any of them. In this blog I will show you one reality check that you can have. At the time, when you’re conscious you can make an habit like count the fingers of one of your hand. Keep practicing this regularly for couple of days and make it an habit and send this habit to your subconscious mind.

Once you have an habit like in your real life, then at the time of your dream also you will see your hand and will start count the figures. It will take some time to happen. As I said lucid dreams can be only if you have patience and from practice. When you do this habit subconsciously at your dream time and if you see like 4 fingers or 3 or 2 or 1, it means you’re at lucid dream.

Because in the world of lucid dreaming nothing happens as usual, there is everything unusual. After that, you can enjoy your lucid dreaming. Lucid dream usually occurs at the time of your REM sleep which is also known as rapid eye movement sleep

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

  • It helps you to overcome from your fear.

  • If you get nightmares always at the time of your sleeping, it helps you to get out of it.

  • It makes you conscious mind even more strong enough, from which you can have strong mathematical understanding skills and will be capable of making right decisions in your life.

  • It helps you to overcome from depression.

  • It makes you understand the real meaning of life.

  • It improves your personality and improve your life skills.

  • It gives an option to you find yourself and your inner creativity which you might not aware of it.

How to do Lucid Dream

How to do lucid dream? It is not easy to answer that question, but let me try and clear it up. Lucid dreaming is a very special experience for any individual, but you will need to know how to do lucid dream in order to achieve it.

Remember back in school when the teacher told us a couple of things. One of them was “don’t put your homework away until you are done with it”. Well, the same principle is applicable here.

A lucid dream is like being a real-life superhero. In fact, you may be able to fly through the air, which makes sense, right? You have everything under your control, right?

Well, if you remember the scene from the movie “Pulp Fiction”, you might remember the scene where Jules and Vincent talk about how they were able to do the “parkour” thingy – jumping from one rooftop to another, which allowed them to get to the right place at the right time without being seen. It is like that in real life too.

Remember how you woke up in the morning and could not believe what you saw? You had to say to yourself “Holy crap, I was just in a dream last night!”. However, if you had lucid dreams, then it is just that easy, since it is quite possible to jump out of bed without even waking up.

If you had a lucid dream, then you are able to understand how to do lucid dream. This does not mean that you have to have a constant dream state at all times. It is just like using your “scaping” during your day time in school.

In the case of lucid dreaming, the real key is to take note of the things that happen in your dreams. While doing so, you can take advantage of them to your advantage. After all, remember that the best scape is the one that does not seem to have any significance, since your brain does not remember it at all.

However, if you can work on taking note of the “incidental” details in your dreams, then you are likely to develop the ability to do lucid dream. For example, have you ever noticed the clock in your room at night? It says that it is “twenty minutes to twelve”.

Does that sound like a weird scene to you? Well, it is. However, once you became familiar with the numbers, you started to see that it was really telling you a lot about the mood or setting that you were in, such as it being Friday, or you were in a bathtub or whatever.

So, what was the weird part of that clock that you noticed at night? The bottom part of the clock, of course! That is why the bottom part of the clock is called the “lucid dream clock”.

As you can see, your subconscious mind has developed a means to take note of the things that you do, that are connected to your dreams. At some point, you probably realized that you can reach out to these scapes from time to time and not just in the daytime. Once you became familiar with that, it was then that you would want to use your powers of the subconscious mind to your advantage.

Do you want to learn how to do lucid dream? Well, you have a couple of options. You can learn this through different methods: from books, from CDs, from DVDs, or you can get it from your local luciddreaming expert.

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