How to tackle the problem of hair breakage effortlessly?

Posted on February 8, 2020

When you are totally unaware of the condition of your hair or when it changes its nature while going through some harsh treatments, all you care about to make it look good. Sometimes, in order to make hair look gorgeous and refreshing, we opt for various treatments as a solution to look beautiful with awesome looking hair. These treatments make your hair appears healthy and beautiful outside but simultaneously make them extremely weak and unhealthy form inside.

By penetrating deep into your hair roots, the chemicals which your hair treatments put in your shaft to make it works fast, usually make your hair unhealthy. Our hair is not too tough to accept all these hard and high level of chemicals at one time, thus at the start it looks good and then with passing of time it shows its real broken state.

One of the consequences of these harsh chemical processing is hair breakage which quite common nowadays due to the growing demand of these hair treatments like keratin, colouring, straightening, smoothening and many more. Thus, hair breakage has become a very popular and common hair issue which makes your hair not only thinner day by day but also make them look extremely damaged and dull.

As this problem is becoming wide and trendy, it demands a great and effective solution that can benefit the hair care industry a bit. Therefore, we have brought you a list of the measure that can be consider as a treatment for the problem of hair breakage. Scroll down to read them and try to utilize in your hair care routine to provide benefit to your broken hair.

Add vitamins in your diet

When we lack of something in our body, the other parts like bones, hair, skin and many more affect by its consequences. Similarly, our hair affects by the lack if vitamins like A and E which results in heavy hair fall and hair breakage. Thus, it is important to add these vitamins in your daily diet if you wish to prevent these issues and repair the damage that has already done to your delicate hair.

Apply castor oil as a remedial therapy

Oils always proved to be a boom for all kinds of hair related issues such as hair damage, breakage, dandruff, split ends, dryness and hair fall. Many oils have taken its their prior responsibility to treat these hair problems. These oils are more effective on all the hair issues than any premium or expensive hair products. On e of them is castor oil that is known for its innumerable benefits on hair issues especially for hair fall and breakage as it improves the hair growth a a great extent.

You can use breakage fixing product

If oils and vitamins are not working for your breakage problem and you need something stronger and processed idea then you can also opt for a good breakage repairing product such as matrix total results so long damage break fix. The product that comes with advanced breakage repairing formula, accelerate your hair growth maximum amount of fibre in it. Try this matrix so long damage break fix to achieve the desired result.

Say no to heat styling tools for a definite time

Many damages often occur due to our actions only such as regularly styling hair with the use heat styling tools. These tools make our hair more damage with the passage of time and result mostly in hair fall and breakage as they weaken the root of your hair. If you wish to maintain the quality of your hair then stop using these hazardous products on your hair. If you in a terrible need if then then use them after applying hair protectant products on your hair for its safety.

Avoid any kind of processing

As mentioned earlier, processing like straightening, smoothening, colouring and other hair improvement treatments are the most common and trending reason for hair breakage.  So, when your hair is already damaged by your previous treatment, then opting another one can take its life forever. Thus, if you have already taken one of the hair processing treatments or colouring then wait for the next one till your hair comes in their original and previous state.

Apply shea butter as a solution

Shea butter comes with many antioxidant properties and vitamins A and E that tends to repair all kinds hair problems including hair breakage. Further, the contamination of various fibre also makes it quite effective on the hair fall problems that enables the healthy and fast growth of hair and reduces the breakage problem inevitably. Not only hair breakage, shea butter also minimizes the issues lie dryness, frizz and scalp issues which cal also leads to hair breakage.

There can be many reasons for hair fall and breakage in addition to hair processing such as lack of vitamins in your body, sleeping against hard pillowcase, using too much heat styling products, or just simply not taking care of it. Whatever the reason is, the problem is quite serious and requires much more serious and effective methods of repairing.


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