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10 Fun Party Give Aways

Parties are something to be excited for, no matter what your age is. Balloons, confetti, food, drinks, and good music can make a special occasion even more memorable, especially since you are celebrating with your friends. But, if you want to go the extra mile, how about having some fun giveaways for them to remember what a blast the event was? Here are the top ten unique and fun party giveaway ideas for your party guests!

  1. Matchbox Puzzles – Are you looking for something tiny that can be brought anywhere and used to pass the time? You can get matchbox puzzles that can be an enjoyable challenge for the brains of your guests. These come with a variety of problems like building blocks, untying knots, unlinking chains, and doing tangrams.
  2. Plant Grow Kits – Are you someone who loves everything about plants and gardening? You can opt to design a party pot package for your party. These come with a tiny terracotta pot, a personalized seed package, and a cute tag. You can opt for giving away herb kits or flower kits depending on the theme of your event.
  3.  Framed Polaroids – What a better way to commemorate your event than with photos? Schedule a time and area in the party where the guests can have their photos taken using polaroids and have them placed in brightly colored acrylic frames. They can choose to display them in their rooms or their desks at the office. They will surely remember you in just a quick glance at the photo!
  4.  Hangover Kit – Is the party going to end in the wee hours of the morning where everyone will end up more than tipsy? A hangover kit can be a great party souvenir, as they will definitely thank you as they wake up the next day! You can get a small tin kit and fill it with peppermint tea, pain relievers, seltzer tablets, some sunglasses, and other typical hangover necessities. Don’t forget to touch it up with a little personalization on the cover of the tin.
  5. Personalized Chocolate Bars – If it’s a sweet event you are celebrating, like a birthday party, an engagement, or a wedding, leave your guests with something even more delightful to remember you by. Bring your souvenir game a little higher by offering a variety of designs. You can use cute small illustrations and excellent puns. If you can, you can also provide a variety of chocolate flavors!
  6. Personalized Mini Mason Jars – These jars are a favorite amongst event organizers, and they can fit any color scheme or event theme. You can also fill them with various goodies, depending on what you would like. You can put customized candies, cute little notes, your favorite coffee blend, chocolate rocks, random sweets, and other goods inside the jars. Customization can be as easy as using an event sticker design and placing it on the lid.
  7. Plush Toys – No matter how old you are, plush toys can make you smile, especially if they are very soft and squishy. Depending on your event’s theme, you can purchase plush toys and display them in a way that will get your guests interested in them. You can get plushie versions of your favorite superheroes, TV and movie characters, vegetables, street foods, fruits, animals, or even parts of the body!
  8. Mini Champagne Bottles – Keep the celebration going even after you have ended your party by sending your guests with a champagne bottle in hand. Just choose your favorite type of bubbly, design your personalized label, and stick them to the container. If you are not into champagne, this can be alternated into bottles of wine, juice, beer, or iced coffee blends!
  9. Customized Bag – If it’s functionality that you are after, it would really be hard to beat a bag. Whether it’s a tote bag or a drawstring one, your guests will surely appreciate a usable item. These bags can be monogrammed, especially for your guests, or they can bear the party’s specific logo. Additionally, you can go the extra mile and add some goodies inside if you are feeling a little generous.
  10. Bobbleheads – Last but definitely not the least, here is something unique and special that would surely make your party be remembered. Bobbleheads would be a great gift, and it is incredibly personalized and would be appreciated by the receiver. For instance, in the wedding party, giving the bridesmaids and groomsmen a customized bobblehead bearing their own face will make them feel important and cared for. If you cannot go any further by customization, or if you are thinking about a different party, you can opt for a specific design of a bobblehead, like a cartoon character, a superhero, a pet, a celebrity, or an athlete that everyone has a common interest in.

Choosing the Best Party Favor

At first glance, a person may think that deciding on a giveaway is easy and can be done right away. But, it is actually an exciting and crucial process, as it is something that can induce nostalgia for the receivers. To help you choose an item, think of these three tips:

  1. What is the theme of the party? – You can narrow down your options much quicker when you decide on the overall concept and colors first. The souvenir must match the vibe and the ambiance of your celebration.
  2. What items reflect your personality? – As the party host, you are the one being celebrated at that particular moment. Pick a giveaway that will bring you at the forefront of your guest’s minds whenever they touch, see, or use the token.
  3. Is the item practical? – In this day and age, practicality is a critical factor in deciding on a unique souvenir. Do not give your guests something that will not spark joy in them, or at least provide them with something that they will actually want to have.

This list is just a few of the thousands of different items you can opt for as a giveaway during your special event. Don’t pressure yourself too much and remember that little things can go a long way, and giving them a small token is more than enough to appreciate and look back at your party.

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