4 behaviors that make you a good partner

How to preserve your relationship happiness in the long term – and to show your partner exactly what you hope for from yourself

Work before pleasure? For long-term relationships, this is not true. On the contrary: the first great high-spirits, the hovering on immaculate clouds, the smooching and turtling and being in love right down to the tips of his hair, Peng, the normal life. And as everyone in a relationship knows, this does not always consist of couch cuddles and romantic weekend getaways but requires real work – every day. Here are five scientifically-based tips if you occasionally forget in the wake of everyday life to be a really good partner for your sweetheart:

Time is the most important asset in our modern, crowded everyday life. The days are full of urgent to-dos, evenings and weekends are planned forever in advance, today comes football, tomorrow Steffi over a bottle of wine and somewhere in between, oh yes, there’s also still a relationship to lead. This may work for a short time, but in the long run, you run the risk of losing sight of yourself despite supposed proximity. Make room for love, exchange, and togetherness. No time at all? If necessary, shovel with both hands. If you have no friends and partner don’t worry join a free chat room or talk to strangers and make friends and life partners easily. No need signup or log in just join and let’s start to chat with male and female strangers.

How to train relationship happiness!

1. Pay attention and attention

Intensively used lessons for two are one thing, little attentions in between the other – and both belong equally to a good partnership. A heartfelt hug in the morning, favorite biscuits as a souvenir from the supermarket or a sweet message from the road: happy relationships live off the little things. Show your partner that you are there, think of him, feel with him and turn off the TV when he wants to tell you something. With honest interest and loving gestures in everyday life, you bring your better half exactly the appreciation that every person desires in a relationship.

2. Being in love – even if it’s hard

People in relationships are also just people and therefore occasionally really bad mood. Because they have trouble with the boss or stomach aches or other worries that spoiled their mood lasting. But no matter which louse has run overall organs: As a really good partner, one should meet his heart-human anyway and just then with kindness and a smile. Studies show that a positive attitude to each other not only increases the satisfaction of both partners, but also the life span of the relationship.

3. Focus on the good

Have you ever heard of couples who have split up at the mirror due to lying around panties, mascara spots? No? We neither. Everybody has their own quirks – some you can drive out of it, others just not anymore. As long as you love your partner and he does not intentionally derogate you with his habits, try to focus on his positive side and not start a policy discussion each time. You will not be able to change it, so you make the choice: Do you both want to spoil the day with a fight or rather enjoy it together? Just.

4. In case of doubt: make compromises

“In love one should not compromise” – this sentence holds a lot of truth, at least, as long as you are still looking for a counterpart and not ready to get involved in something half-cooked. But once you’ve found the right person, things look very different: even if you and your partner agree on the basic issues of life, you’re still individuals with their own views and opinions. And they are not always congruent. In the case of conflicts, it is therefore important to find a golden middle ground and to move away from fixed points of view. Only in the end can both feel comfortable with the solution. Other hands if you are searching for a life partner don’t worry just join our online free chat room and find a partner. Thanks for reading. Provide your opinion at the comment. We will really appreciate you for doing this.

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