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List of Valentine Gift Ideas for Light-hearted Couples

Looking for romantic valentine gift to surprise your loved ones on Valentine’s Day? Most of you might be because it is sort of cliche that valentines mean romantic valentine gift. But not everyone thinks the same because not every couple is a lovey-dovey one. Yes, when there are a variety of gifts genres available, the same way there is a variety of couples too, that vary the gift choice.

When looking for gifts, remember that valentine gift need not always be romantic. Some couples like to keep it casual. Yes, some people like to explore other categories as well when it comes to valentine special gifts. Of course, valentine is for couples and candlelight dinners, and heart-shaped chocolate boxes are thoughtful gifts, but not all couples roll like that. And if you are one of those couples, then you might be more interested in gift ideas that are fun as well as unique.

So, presenting a list of valentine gift ideas that are ideal for a light-hearted couple. Have a look at the list.

Bath bomb hidden jewelry

A valentine gift should be something that leaves your partner completely awestruck. So, you need to think a bit deeper and out of the box. One way to impress your partner by keeping it unique is by gifting them these bath bombs. Thinking what’s so unique about it? Well, it is not just any bath bombs, but these bombs have a piece of jewelry hidden in them. As they keep on using it and eventually will come across this piece of jewelry.

Everyone presents a ring on knees to their sweetheart, so this will be a unique way to present one. Thus, get down to the task and get those jewelry pieces inserted in the bath bombs, which will be like a lottery ticket of bath bombs. And each time they will find new jewelry with new soap.

Lego flowers

Just like valentine’s day cake, flowers are an important part of valentine’s celebration. If you step out on this day, you will literally spot flowers everywhere because the first gift that pops in a couple’s head is always flowers and red roses to be precise. Red roses are definitely a symbol of love and have been used to symbolize love for years now. And that is why roses are always in demand. But what if I tell you that you don’t need to stand in the long queues at the flowers to buy that perfect bouquet? Because here is an alternative that will serve the same purpose. It is lego flowers. The benefits of this gift are that it will not require water and sunlight. So, your flowers will stay forever.

Colossal solitaire ring

Tight on budget? Don’t worry, not all gifts are harsh for your pocket. Some smart swaps will help to stay on budget. And one such gift is the colossal solitaire ring. Thinking what is a colossal solitaire ring? Well, it is a giant faux ring with a diamond-studded in place. Consider it a ring that will save the same purpose but will help you stay on budget as well. The perfect gift is a real diamond ring is just too much for you. So, let me warn you in advance that try gifting such things only if your partner likes to keep it simple as well as funny. Else, they might offend them.

So, the list is ready with simple valentine gift ideas that are not only unique but are ideal for the couples who keep the occasion light-hearted. Try these gifts this time, and you and your partner will definitely enjoy it.

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