5 Important Factors to Consider in Hiring Great Interns

Posted on January 15, 2020

Is your company planning on hiring interns any time soon? Well, if that’s so, you might want to consider some important factors to have a greater chance of hiring great interns for your company. 

Let the students ask questions.
Let the students ask questions.

You have to take into account that hiring interns highly differ from employing experienced professionals. 

When hiring seasoned professionals, you normally base from their past work experiences, credentials, qualifications, skills and abilities, and even references. 

However, internships are formed to aid fresh-career job applicants to acquire work experience and gain it from a field of their interests.

With that being said, you might want to be aware that internship applicants are commonly college students, fresh graduates, or even people who are planning to switch career path by applying in a new industry. 

Thus, if you need a little helping hand to know more about the considerations when hiring an intern, you may refer to these pages and find out some of the helpful tips you might use maybe sooner or later. 

1. Grant paid internships

Most internships are offered for free. But if you want to attract excellent intern applicants, then you may want to grant paid internships instead of free. 

Moreover, under the regulations of the Department of Labor, it’s believed that companies who offer unpaid internships have more requirements than that of the companies who are offering paid internships.  

2. Pinpoint the opportunities for development and learning

In your job posts, don’t forget to include a list of job descriptions and pinpoint the opportunities for development and learning anticipating the applicants. 

You must think that the best internship job applicants desire to gain work experience, acquire new skills, and nurture their abilities, it’s your duty to assure them that you’ll be on-hand on contributing to their overall development and learning. 

Furthermore, companies can completely unfold their HR support services in order to deliver a more effective career development for the expecting interns. 

3. Open up the possibilities for a full-time job

If you don’t mind knowing, more than half of interns consider the opportunity for a full-time job as the most important component that they consider when finding an internship company. 

Considering to offer the possibility of full-time employment won’t just help you attract excellent internship applicants but as well as motivate them to perform their work at their best. 

4. Send over positive feedback towards a great output

For early-career job hunters, it means a lot to them to receive compliments and favourable thoughts from their managers or bosses. 

Thus, if you want to bring out the best from your interns, don’t hesitate to send over positive feedbacks and/or favourable compliments as much as you can.

A simple act of saying, “you did a great job” or “keep up an excellent” work can literally make their day. Try it and you’ll see its positive impact before your eyes. 

5. Give them appropriate tasks

Unfortunately, there are companies that can manage to take advantage of their interns by giving them several tasks that aren’t included in the job description or doesn’t fall in the intern’s field of interests. 

Some of these inappropriate tasks are photocopying various documents, making coffees or teas, and more. 

As their internship employer, it’s your duty to fulfil their needs to nurture their on-hand knowledge and contribute to their work experiences in the corporate world. 

Being their manager or their boss doesn’t mean you can ask them to do anything even it doesn’t fall on their job description or their field of interest. 

Conclusive thoughts:

And there go some of the best tips you can find to get your company the best and promising interns. 

See? It doesn’t have to be really stressful and complicated to find the qualified ones, you just have to be patient as well as consider the discussed key points above. 

If you think that we missed out some important tips or factors concerning the tackled subject, you may knock on our doors and reach out to us. It’s because we always want to exchange ideas and learn from you too!

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