17 Second Manifestation

What are the most Effective way to do 17 second manifestation

In this article I am gonna discus some of the most effective way to do 17 second manifestation . In my previous article I have already discuss about the concept of 17 second manifestation. The 17 second manifestation is an technique to increase the power of subconscious mind. It is an part of law of attraction. I have also given some proof about that fact that “Whatever you are today , whatever good or wrong happens with you , its all because of you thoughts . You are the creator of your own destiny. You are the only one who can make changes in your life whatever is going on , no one else! “.


All that we are
Is the result of
What we have
It is founded
On our thoughts
And made up of our

Which means that whatever you are at the present its all because of your own thought at the past.

It’s wrong to think
That misfortunes comes from
East or West
They originates within one’s own mind

Which means that worries or misfortunes or sadness doesn’t comes from east or west . It all comes from one’s thought.

He is able
Who thinks
He is able

Which means that if someone thinks that he can do it. Then there is no one who can stop it! He can do it!

What we are today
Comes from our thoughts
Of yesterday
And our present thoughts
Build our life of tomorrow
Our life is the creation
Of our own mind

In the last it is clearly mention about the law of attraction.

Law of attraction is an law which acts on every place, every situation and on every time. In this world whoever knows about the fact and benefits of law of attraction, they practice every day and becomes very much successful in their respective field. But in some it might work opposite. Like they might think positive thoughts in their mind but negative happens all the time. It doesn’t means that it doesn’t work . Its based on the way they are practicing, it might be an wrong way. I have already written about the law of attraction and the correct way to practice it in my early blogs . It works 100% if you know the correct way.

The process of visualization and thinking is also an skill . When I tell you about visualize it means that you have to visualize that whatever you think is in-front of you. Assume that you are an part of it. When you visualize about something at the very first time ,many other thoughts which are not related to it , may come to your mind. You have to stop this thoughts for 17 seconds. You have to focus on an one thought for the next 17 second. When you success on this, after that those thoughts will be at the combustion point of your subconscious mind. And you will feel an unbelievable energy at that moment. Because along with this your power of subconscious mind will also increase a little bit. Now you have to focus more 17 seconds which will be equals to 34 seconds .And again more 17 seconds you have to focus which will be equals to 51 seconds. Thus, at this stage you will be at an higher energy level and you start attracting those thoughts to your life which you want. And after that if you focus even more for another 17 seconds again which will be equals to 67 seconds you will feel that thought a little bit. But if keep on practicing this 17 second manifestation then after just an few days it will increase you subconscious mind power. Due to which you will feel more energetic at all the time . And also your attraction power will increase day-by-day . And after few days you will be able to feel that thoughts even more and more. Thus , after this it will create such kind of situations in-front of you in your real life that whatever your thoughts were, will come to the real world and it will become the reality. Just note one thing that when you are practicing this technique don’t think of any other thoughts . Just put all of your focus, concentration and energy in one particular thought that you want. You will get whatever you want in your life if you practice this everyday.

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