How to Get Rid of Your Back Pain while Deep Breathing

The issue of how to get rid of your back pain from deep breathing is often discussed by doctors and patients alike. Most people think that this technique is an easy one to follow. It may seem easy but it really doesn’t have any effect on the deep-seated causes of the pain.

This is where deep breathing comes in to help. The muscles of the abdomen and pelvic area are not allowing any of the blood to flow into the disc material of the spine. When the disc material cannot move as it should, there is a tendency for the nerve endings to become inflamed.

There are some specific exercises you can do when you are lying down that will help you relax your abdomen stretches and do some good long slow deep breathing. Most of the time when you are in the middle of doing this, you aren’t really paying attention to the effects of the exercise and you just go with it, don’t know what to do next.

In order to achieve the desired results, you will need to be well aware of your body and make sure that you are giving your body the right thing to do when it is under duress. The right thing to do is to relax the muscles in the lower abdominal area. They are contracting to try to get air into the disc material but they have no idea why they are doing this.

Once you begin to relax the abdominal area, the muscles will also begin to relax the discs in the lower spine of the body. This action takes place naturally in the deep breathing process.

Most people assume that you just get rid of the tension in the abdominal area by letting it go and don’t pay any attention to what is going on down below. In fact the abdominal area will not be getting any relief until the disc material of the spine is freed.

You will then begin to feel a little bit of relief from the abdominal area and it will get a little bit better. But it will still remain inflamed and will keep feeling irritated and sore throughout the day.

Patient A, I will call him, performed the same type of exercise in the way he was sitting in bed. He was not aware of how to relax his abdominal area.

Patient B, in addition to the same type of exercise, understood how to relax his abdominal area. He didn’t have the tendency to contract the abdominal muscles, as he was aware of how they were always tensing up when he was lying down.

Patient B was able to relax his abdominal area, even when he was standing up. He was aware of the fact that whenever he took deep, long breaths, he released all of the tension in his abdomen, so it took him longer to breathe when he stood up.

I believe that my ab family member was suffering from chronic hip pain from low back discomfort. He would also do the deep breathing exercises but was too tired to follow through with them properly, and was not aware of the deeper implications of his posture and the benefits he was receiving from this relaxed position.

It is now possible for the doctor to order tests to determine what the root cause of the pain is. One of the tests will reveal the location of the problem. In order to get rid of your back pain from deep breathing, it will take a lot of knowledge and patience on the part of the doctor.


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