What are the Basics of Meditation and it’s importance

Posted on August 26, 2019

Did you ever tried to do meditation! Many of you might have tried and many of you might be doing it on a regular basis. And there are also some of them who might have not even tried or doesn’t have any sort of interest on it. So basically on this blog, I am going to share some of my experience and knowledge that I have on these topics. If you have any suggestion or opinion kindly drop your message on the comment section. We will really appreciate you for doing these.

Well, there are many peoples who around us, who tried to do meditation once in their life but after some days they quit. Its all because they don’t have that much of patient to sit in one place for a longer period of time. Due to which they feel difficult to do meditation.

The main purpose of this blog is to give some of the basic knowledge of meditation and make it, even more, easier for the ones who feel it’s a difficult task. Meditation basically is a way to stay away from our past and further and just stay at the present time.

Reason – Not being able to do Meditation

We all know that doing meditation regularly is a good practice right! Then why we are not doing it? According to a survey we got to know that peoples doing meditation, after a couple of days they became bored and not been able to focus. And thus due to which they feel it difficult and just leave it doing meditation.

First of all, to do meditation regularly, you have to make it a habit of doing it regularly and secondly you have removed the habit of not being able to do meditation. How you can remove an habit from your daily schedule, from your subconscious mind.

I have already explained in my earlier blog. If you like to know more about it you can go through once, 21 days of habit. The people who give up doing meditation because they get bored after doing it for certain days like 1,2 and 3 after that they quit.

To do meditation there are thousands of millions of ways out there if you do a little bit of research over the internet and read some of the books related to these topics. 90% of the ways that you find to do meditation, would be boring. But there would be 10% ways through which you really enjoy doing meditation and would be able to do it regularly and make it a habit.

The peoples who feel boring to do meditation, they will be successful in doing meditation regularly if they feel something amazing while practicing it, something enjoyable, addictive. There are some peoples who actually don’t know that what exactly meditation is! People not being able to do meditation regularly its also because of one more reason that they need a reason for it.

They actually want a situation to be created to do meditation. There are some peoples who will not do the things until an unless there is a situation of do-or-die. Am I Right! Kindly drop your opinion on the comment if you feel so and also if I am wrong at some point. There is actually some sort of urgency that people required, then only they will react. We all of us run before many things in our life, we want money, we want a better living, we want a better job or wants to upgrade ourself or open a business.

All of these are only because of one little thing and that is OUR HAPPINESS. Am I right! Imagine if you have already got what you want like a better job, better living, money and so on. Tell me, are you still happy with your life, with your living.

Can you say it with your 100% confidence and honesty that you are still happy? Honestly, many of you may not right! After that exactly what you think, you want from your life to stay happy? Many of them will move on to doing meditation to gain happiness from their life at that moment. Which is an end moment, as I said most of the people wait till a situation like do-or-die.

After doing meditation also if you don’t get the happiness in your life then now what will you do!

Actually, what is the real fact! Happiness not actually that you can gain or steel, its right here with you. It depends upon an individual mentality. Now I will discuss how you can do the mediation in a genuine way.

Meditation- Re-Reality
Meditation- Re-Reality

Way To Do Meditation

1) Connect an earplug in your ears, you can easily get it from any chemist shop, and this is a very important thing to do this meditation

2) Seat straight, keep your back and your neck straight. And don’t keep your eyes moving everywhere, make it constant at the middle. Many peoples say that they feel pain after doing this at their forehead, its all because they are trying to see something in the forehead. Don’t try to imagine or see anything and don’t make any pressure at the forehead. Don’t anywhere… If you look upward you will feel pain and if you look downward you feel sleepy. So don’t look anywhere just keep your eyes at middle and constant.

3) Now take some deep breathe and start counting from 10 to 1. Take 10 deep breathe, in the first breathe count from 10 to 1, in second 9 to 1, in third 8 to 1 and so on. Note count the numbers in mind don’t shout it louder. Just count it slightly. After a moment you will be start feeling, how your body is getting relax. Now again let you remind don’t try to do, let your body do it. Just be relax and continue the counting.

At the last 10th deep breathe you will observe yourself that you mind will become blank and you will feel a lot relax. But this not the end of actual meditation. Infact from here, the process has begun.

Meditational Sounds- Outside and inside

Now at this point, there are two types of sound in this world – sound coming from the environment which is the outside sound like – sound coming from the fan, from the birds and animals outside and so on. All these are the sound coming from outside and there is one sound which inside us.

And another type of sound is coming from inside us. Can you guess sound that are coming inside from a human body?

Sounds like our heartbeat, our breathe, our internal system and so on. These are the sounds which are the sounds coming from inside a human body.

Now when you have plugged your earplug, and doing meditation, you will totally move away from the sound coming from outside and your mind will concentrate on the sound that is coming from inside your body automatically.

When you start doing this meditation, you will not only feel relax also you will be able to hear the sound inside a human body.

When you will be continuously doing this meditation, you will hear another sound with a lower frequency, coming back away from you.

Usually, what our mind does, it actually ignores all the sound that is low and focuses on that noise which is bigger and due to this, we are not being able to hear the noise going on our internal body.

The sound which you will get after doing this mediation for being a long period of time is different. Some of you might hear an sound like a dropping of water, some sound like when a cracker blast near your ears, the sound of drums beat and so on. Its different depends upon an individual.

All other types of meditation

So, basically the meditation that you do or your hear from other places, what they really say that you need to put your concentration at one particular point Right! Now in here what you are doing, you are not trying to put your mind constant at one place instead your is getting constant automatically itself. Because now you are not hearing the noise that comes from outside instead you are hearing the sound that is coming inside from you. This technique is also related to the zero thought of mind technique. I have also written about zero thought of mind on my previous blog kindly check it once if you want to know more about it.

Whenever we try to make our mind constant at one point and keep it at the center of our thoughts, we fail every time. Whenever you try to do mediation you always get the other noises that are coming from somewhere and you lose your concentration. It happens many a time. Why exactly it’s happening, cause we are trying to make our mind constant. If you don’t try to make your constant and if it gets constant automatically then it would be amazing right. Then you can do the meditation, you can focus on one thing, make yourself relax from all the stress and so on. So, I will be discussing how you could make your mind focus automatically. This automatically focusing method is very much helpful and it’s much better from the earlier ones. Because meditation doesn’t mean to do or try something it actually mean to do nothing. And most of us what we do, we try to do something like try to make our mind focus, which is actually a wrong way of doing it.

Did you ever notice when we get into a particular situation where we don’t know what to do, we have never been to that situation earlier? For example, whenever you visit any hill station for the very first time, you might have noticed that at that very first time, your mind just stays constant and at present stage and thus just observe the hills and mountains that how beautiful they are. At that time you don’t think about anything else. Your stays quiet and just observe the beauty of nature and makes yourself peaceful. Now in this situation you are actually not trying to make you mind focus, it’s focusing by itself. But on the other hand when you will be visiting that hill station again on the second time, third time and so on, you will not be observed those hills and mountains instead you thinking of some other stuff and enjoying your holidays.

Thus I am just trying to explain that our human minds actually react more on those kinds of stuff that we have not seen, heard before. Now in the above example our mind becomes constant and focus because we have not heard those sound anywhere, we have not the seen that beauty of nature anywhere. Similarly when you do meditation while putting an earplug inside your ears, you will hear the sounds that are being produced from inside our human body like the sound of our lungs, our stomach, our heartbeat and so on. And these sounds are very much unknown to us, we usually not hear this sort of sounds anywhere. And at the time when you will be hearing these sort of sounds which you don’t know, your mind will get focus automatically to that sound and thus you will focus now.

If you can understand how our human mind works, on which things its give more priority and less priority. Trust me guys you can do anything.

Now our mind will remain constant and it will focus only on the sounds that unknown to us that are coming from inside our body. Now you will try to recognize the sound and thus your mind will become more focus at one point.

Now let me tell you one more thing whatever sound you will hear, try to hear it from your right ear and when you go in deep in meditation all the sounds will come to the center of your body slowly . It will not happen instantly it will take some time. Some of you might get the result very quickly but usually it takes some time upto 10-15 days. And at last, after doing all of this you will hear another sound which will come from the center of your chest and that sound is called Anhatnaad . Anhatnaad sound is a kind of sound which has no noise. For eg a sound that comes when you clap from one hand. Inshort the anhatanaad sound is the sound of silence. If you hear this sound then your mind will automatically become silent. But most of us, we were not being able to hear this sound. The major reason is that there is a lot of noise between it. That’s the main reason we are not being to hear this sound. And if somehow you hear this sound, our mind will instantly become silent. And this is the major way to make your mind silent and do the meditation even more effectively.

Sound of Anhatnaad

Now I will tell you the noise due to which we are not being able to hear the sound of anhatnaad. Firstly the sound that comes when you speak and secondly the sound when you hear the noise. The meditation technique that I have told above, from these both of the sound is solved. Firstly at the time of mediation, since you are not speaking anything so the first sound is solved, secondly you have put earplugs in your ears so you will not hear the sound from outside. Thus, but by practicing the technique this both of the problems were solved at the time of meditation. And there is one more sound which needs to be solved. This sound is the major sound and the goal of all the types of meditation.

The sound that is coming inside from your mind. You might have noticed that we all continuously keeps on speaking something at our mind all the time or thinking about something like about our official works, delivery of files and so on. And this the major cause of being stressed. This is the main sound which we need to stop to make our mind completely silent.

The main sound of meditation

In above I have said that whatever sound we hear we shall hear it from our right ear. Now I will explain to you why we need to hear it from our right ear in a scientifical way.

We all know that our brain is divided and connected into two parts right! One is the right part and another one in the left part, both have different functions. The right one is called a logical brain and the left one is called the intuited brain where intuitions run.

Whenever you have a contact with short of sound, it might a thought or something else. There’s immediately conservation gets started at our mind. And you keep on making the picture of that particular thought at your mind. And thus whenever this conservation gets started at your mind, there’s being sound generated at your mind, and this is the sound that is coming inside from your mind.

We have to stop this sound that is coming inside from us. To stop this we need to stop the conservations at our mind. Then the sound coming inside from us will get stop immediately. What exactly our mind does, when we hear a sound from the right ear, it goes to the right part of our brain after that is get processing at the left part of our brain. So whenever we will hear a sound that is known to us like the sound of a truck, fan and so on.

Our mind will start the conservation and will try to make the picture of that object at our mind and the conservation will go on. And thus the noise will get created at our mind. Now if we hear a sound that is not known to us, we don’t have any idea of that sound than what happens! our mind will become silent automatically and there will no sound inside our mind. And we will start hearing the sound that inside our body. These are the sounds that are from inside our human body like the sound our breath, lungs, blood flow an so on.

There a lot of millions of sound which you can hear one by one to make your mind peaceful. After that, you will be going on to hear the more-and-more lower sound inside your body. At last, there will be only one sound which very very low and this is the main objective sound of all the meditations. The sound of “OM“,

OM- Re-Reality
OM- The Lord

Sound of OM

The sound of “OM” , all the veds or words have come from OM. Due to this reason, OM is called the essence of all ved. This fact is the same in all the caste Islams, Sufi and so on.

In bible also the thing is written: ” In the beginning, there was a Word, the was with God and the Word was God”. At the very beginning of this world there was only one thing at that time and that is the ved or word. In Bhagwat Gita, this word is called AKSAR.

There is complete Chapter in Bhagwat Gita about AKSAR YO. Where all of these things are written very clearly. And there it was written clearly that lord Krishna is pointing to the particular word or ved which is his main Dharam(responsibility) which is OM.

OM-HU, OM is the main lord and Hu are the rest of the lords like Ram, Rahim, Allah, Jesus and so on. All of the gods of all the caste and religions, all have came from one lord – OM. All of the god’s names are the second name of God which is OM.

All of the caste and religions are saying the same but in a different way. But I am telling you in a short way in this article. Now to hear that sound of OM depends on an individual perspective. The sooner he/she can clear his mind from all the noise coming from outside the world, sooner he/she will be able to hear the sound of OM.

How you can clear the noise coming from outside from your mind I have explained above. And thus don’t try to hear this sound because if try to hear this you will be more late to hear this sound. Mediation doesn’t mean to do something, it means try not to do anything. This is all similar to the process of zero thought of the mind, I have already about this in my earlier blog. If you wish you read that too.

I hope you got my point what I am exactly trying to say. Thanks for reading this article. If you have any suggestions, query or anything write it in the comment section. We will really appreciate you for this.


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