What are the Effective Yoga Mudras for Healthy Heart

Posted on November 5, 2019

Mudras provide an overall balance to our body.  For both inner and outer wellbeing Mudra is an essential tool which can drive to the best possible results.  Practicing Mudras helps the body to stay rejuvenated and composed.  Today hereby, we will be discussing best five effective Mudras that will keep your heart healthy and fit.  It will help you to combat all odds and stay away from different diseases like stroke, heart attack and other heart related issues.  The list is as follows under.

What is Mudra?

Mudra or Yoga Mudra consists of few hand gestures that help the energy to flow in equilibrium throughout the body.  There are many types of effective Mudras that are designed to bring ultimate benefit to the practitioner balancing the different parts of the body and organs along with tendons and glands. You can get online yoga classes using Curefit offers with great discount.

Each and every Mudra has its own significance and thus works accordingly for the benefit of that particular area.

Now we look at five effective Yoga Mudras for having a healthy heart.

  • Apana Vayu Mudra

Apana Vayu Mudra has a whole lot of benefit to offer for an individual.  One who practices this Mudra regularly can easily reduce the extra negative effect of gas.  Moreover, it regularizes palpitations of the heart helping it to strengthen from inside.  This Mudra is popularly called the ‘Mrita Sanjeevani Mudra’ as it easily and immediately relieves a person suffering from cardiac arrest.  Those who have complains of heart angina can regularly practice this Mudra as it improves blood circulation and increase the capability of the heart to pump more blood resulting in reducing the chances of stroke.  No specific time duration is there for this practice.

  • Surya Mudra

As the name suggests, this Mudra helps to eliminate the earth elements from our body.  This Mudra helps in proper functioning of our thyroid gland which in return will keep the heart safeguarded and helps to function normally.  This Mudra improves the cholesterol level of our body that helps from various triggering issues that the heart might suffer from.  Obesity that is being considered as one of the primary causes for heart attack can be easily controlled with practicing Surya Mudra on a regular basis as well.  Practicing it 5 to 15 minutes on a daily basis can improve the condition of our heart.

  • Prana Mudra

Prana Mudra means the Mudra that is done to enhance the life forces called Prana.  Those who are suffering from clogged arteries can try this Mudra on a regular basis as it helps in clearing of the blockages lowering the risk of stoke and mild heart attacks.  This Mudra improves the cardiovascular condition and normalizes our heart functionality as well.  This Mudra also works great as an immune booster improving the overall fitness of the human body.  Practicing this Mudra on a daily basis for around 5 to 15 minutes can really help you improve your heart condition and protect it from various diseases on a whole.

  • Ganesh Mudra

In Indian mythology Ganesha is a Lord known for removing obstacles from all odds. Similarly this Mudra removes obstacles from the heart caused by high levels of cholesterol.  This Mudra is perfect of those having weak heart also.  The bronchial tubes open up easily by practicing this Mudra on a regular basis improving the overall blood circulation of the blood. This Mudra opens up the heart chakra easily strengthening the heart system from within. It works great for those suffering with myocardial infarction as well.  According to the pundits, it is best to do this Mudra six times straight way on a regular basis to improve the functionality of our heart. You can get detail of Off Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring.

  • Linga Mudra

In Sanskrit Lingam denotes the male reproductive organ.  By regular practicing of this Mudra one can get rid of certain issues like diabetes and obesity.  Not only that, by regular practicing of the Linga Mudra you can protect your heart from various diseases like stroke, cardiac arrest, angina and other life taking diseases.  This Mudra does keep our weight under control and helps us fight with obesity which is considered to be one of the primary causes for stroke and cardiac arrests these days.  Practicing this Mudra on an empty stomach for a period of 20 minutes as at least daily can give immense benefit to our body overall.

Thus concluding, try these best Mudras on a regular basis to get a healthy and a stable heart.

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