What is Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga, also called the mystical path of the divine feminine or Shakti, is very popular in Europe and North America. In truth, it was practiced by the Tibetans for many centuries. This ancient practice is a challenging and spiritual journey to both master your body and mind and to achieve a very inner level of self awareness.

There are as many opinions on what Kundalini Yoga actually is as there are people who practice it. One of the most common questions that you will get asked is “What is Kundalini Yoga? “.

In order to understand this unique yoga, you must first know what the term itself means. In the context of the subject, Kundalini Yoga is the process of the tantric yogi becoming more sensitive to his or her Kundalini energy centers, which are hidden within their chakras or the seven centers of the body. As these energies rise from the base of the spine, they are said to converge to the head, or at the crown.

When these energies begin to flow freely through the body, the tantric yogi begins to experience great positive changes in their lives. These changes are profound and come in the form of increased psychic ability, increased self-awareness, and a creative mindset. The desire to change, and to improve oneself, often come naturally.

For the tantric yogi, Kundalini Yoga allows them to reach a certain understanding and feel completely at one with themselves. Many times they will begin to have a type of enlightenment when they are practicing the art. They may also be able to see or perceive unseen entities, or energies, that are not really there.

So, what is Kundalini Yoga exactly? Well, it has been called the most advanced form of Yoga, and yet it also can be described as deep meditation or spiritual healing. It is said that all that you need to have to practice this discipline is a CD to listen to, or a CD with a book.

Unlike other forms of tantric yoga, which focus primarily on physical and mental mastery, Kundalini Yoga takes the focus off these areas to focus on the spiritual aspect of life. If you are seeking spiritual growth and enlightenment, then Kundalini Yoga is a must for you.

Another part of the program is to use the techniques, breathing techniques, and physical poses in order to help the body to free itself of any accumulated toxins. In addition, the body and mind are slowly purified.

The best part about this spiritual practice is that it is completely natural. It does not force you to exercise and/or consume products. You can begin to discover the inner spiritual self that has been suppressed by limiting beliefs, habitual thought patterns, and feelings of shame and inadequacy.

The yogi’s goal is to restore balance in the mind, body, and spirit. In order to do this, there is a need to make the body open to more spiritual energy, so that this energy can flow freely through the body. This also helps to open the chakras, where the Kundalini Energy Center or Gomukhas in Sanskrit.

Kundalini Yoga incorporates meditation into the practice, however it is not a form of meditation. It is a spiritual practice, where your mind and body are completely relaxed and in a state of trance.

So, when you ask yourself “What is Kundalini Yoga”, you can rest assured that you are getting a truly spiritual experience. It is not just another fitness or stretching program, but rather a practice that will bring you a sense of calm and a life-changing understanding of your true self.


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