Bible Verses About Helping Others

Posted on April 13, 2020

Helping others is a God-given privilege, and you can be a blessing to those around you through being kind, caring, and compassionate. It is the Lord’s way to bless those who serve Him. Those who have experienced God’s love, healing, and support have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that helps them continue their journey with peace and confidence.

You may not see it, but others are looking for help. While your mind may focus on yourself, they are thinking about you, and God may be asking for your help. Whether it is your child who needs some help in school, your spouse who is having difficulty maintaining a relationship, or a friend who is struggling with some problem at work, people are always in need of your help. So, what does the Bible say about helping others?

The following verses from the Bible provide guidance on how to help others: “Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive kindness… Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” And, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…May your light shine before men.”

To help others, a Bible verse or two may help you better understand how you can live a godly life. These verses are the foundation for our actions because they give us direction and purpose.

God wants us to bless others with His love and His blessings because He has said so Himself: “I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse…” (Luke 16:9). Not only does God bless us when we are good, but we can also bless others if we put our minds to it and turn it into an act of kindness.

If we are consistent in our act of kindness, it will become a habit and something we don’t even realize we are doing. That is the beauty of the act of kindness, as opposed to the negative and destructive actions that are commonly associated with it. This action becomes a habit that begins to reflect God’s character and demeanor to others.

God wants us to walk humbly with compassion and appreciation. It is in walking humbly that we are able to assist those less fortunate. When we offer to help someone, we are walking with a generous heart. It doesn’t matter if the person we help does not need our help; as long as we are doing something meaningful for them, we have demonstrated our love and respect for them.

If you truly want to bless others, don’t just be thinking about the word “blessing” but your heart. Who is Jesus, the Lamb of God, and how much does He appreciate our presence and our blessings? Who is the Father for sending His Son to redeem, bring peace, and bless?

When Jesus was sent to the Father to redeem mankind, He promised to give eternal life to all who would follow Him. If you want to experience everlasting life, He wants you to do all He can to keep it.

As children of God, the beautiful thing is that we have the opportunity to make a difference in others’ lives. I have had people come to me with problems at work, with family members, with people in the neighborhood, and others who needed the love and attention of someone who understood the love that God’s children give others.

At times, this may be difficult to do, but the love and acceptance of God are abundantly abundant. By simply reaching out and showing that love and support to those who need it, it begins to change their outlook on life.

There is guidance in the Bible to help us understand how to be God’s servant and to bean example to others of God’s perfect life. So, as you read these verses, take a moment to think about how God would love to see us in the situation you are in today.

There are a number of Bible verses about helping others. It is a well known fact that people are drawn to those who are generous and helpful. If you really want to share God’s love and His abundant blessings, you must turn your attention to how to be kind and generous to others.

This concept originated with God. When we allow the power of God to be part of our lives, we can expect to be blessed. That is the way God has designed us to be.

For example, a man is just visiting his wife. She is on her deathbed. The man sees that his wife is not crying or whimpering and does not have the presence of mind to talk to him, so he is shocked when she speaks and begins to speak in a very loving and encouraging voice.

What she said was, “I am not in pain; my heart is very loving and I am very good at comforting others.” When he realized what she had been saying, he realized that his wife had died a natural death.

When the man opened her eyes and asked why she was no longer complaining and not in pain, he found that his wife had many choices. She could go to the hospital or she could go back to the compassionate woman. She could remain in the comfort of her own home where she would not see her husband at all.

If she were to go back to the hospital, she would have to face the loneliness and depression of knowing that her family would not be able to enjoy the comfort and security of her presence. She could not be comforted by someone else, even if he or she had reached out to her in the past. All she could do is to remain in her home, so as to avoid the possibility of losing the physical companionship of her husband.

Now, when you are trying to bring more love and kindness into your life, don’t expect others to automatically want to be in your company. Rather, you must begin by bringing the compassion that God intended for you to possess. You can find that compassion by following the steps in My Way to Happiness.

When we realize the love that God intended for us to possess, it gives us the ability to reach out and do the most compassionate help that we can. Be kind and helpful to others. They will love you and your assistance will be welcomed.

Don’t worry about being a professional when you first begin to do this kind of helpful things. You just need to learn what to do, and slowly gain a level of comfort and trust with God’s power.

As you start to trust more in God’s presence, you will come to realize that you are not alone in the struggle that others are facing. You will come to feel that God knows your heart and is there to guide you through your darkest hours. He has prepared a way for you to help others as a servant of His will.

You may feel some jealousy or resentment towards your friends and co-workers, but that will pass. God, who created us human beings, has equipped us to love others as ourselves.

He knows what’s best for us, even if we think it is not. There is nothing that He does not want done for His creation. Be kind and generous.

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