How to do astral travel

How to do Astral travel while sleeping-Hammock Technique

Astral travel is an out of body experience method which is being practiced at the time of sleeping to experience the other dimensions of the universe. In my previous blog, I have already explained what is astral travel. You can visit and have a read once. On this blog, I am aiming to discuss a few explanations about how to do astral travel and is astral travel safe or not! If you have any opinions or suggestions about our content please drop your message on the comment section below. We really appreciate our reader’s comments.

If you do some research over Google, you will come out with numerous ways to do Astral travel. However, all of these techniques might not work out for everyone. You have to find out by yourself that which technique is most effective for your body and your mind. In this blog I am going to discuss a most evergreen and effective way that has been used by many peoples and got the result as they want. Moreover, this technique is also been scientifically proven. This technique is named as The Hammock Technique.

Hammock Technique is one of the most effective and evergreen techniques to get out of the body experience while sleeping and experience the outer world and also other dimensions of this universe.

Procedure of How to do Astral Travel

  1. Lay down your body in bed or anywhere else where you feel comfortable.

  2. Take a few deep breaths for up to 5 to 10 minutes.

  3. Concentrate on your breath.

  4. Relax your entire body.


First of all lay down your body in any cushty place. It is not necessary that you need to lay down in bed. You can be anywhere wherever you feel comfortable. Now you need to maintain your mind out of all the outer thoughts that you have all the time in your mind. Sometimes to clear your mind out of all the outer thoughts becomes a little difficult.

So for this reason try to concentrate on your breath, when your mind will start focusing on your breath for at least up to 15 to 20 minutes then simply after few moments your mind will be out of all the outer thoughts and thus it will be silent and will be in a state of peace.

If you continue this process almost for 15 to 20 minutes then of course.. you will immediately get into sleep. However in order to experience this out of the body experience you need to keep your mind wide awake and permit your body sleep.

It’s not so easy to do as it seems to be. Because most of the time while you make your mind out of all the outer thoughts and loosen up your body absolutely then at once your body also gets into sleep in conjunction with your mind.

But to experience the outer body, revel in the Astral travel and experience the other dimensions of this universe you need to keep your mind wide awake and let your physical body sleep. To get into Astral travel it almost takes 30 to 45 minutes, after that you can experience a brand new world with all of the dimensions without any limitations.

And also you can experience many unbelievable and unimaginable things while Astral travelling. If you are successful in retaining your thoughts wakeful at the time you are sleeping and letting your body sleep then you could get into this astral travel and enjoy the many new unknown dimensions of this universe.

It might not be so easy for anyone to get out of the body experience on the very first day. But however if you can keep on practising this technique for a few days you may get into astral travel in just few couple of days.

At the time, when you will be out of your body you will feel like that it’s been so long you are in the other dimension of the universe and out of the your physical body. But when you will come back to the actual world you will be note that it was been only 30- 60 minutes. Isn’t Amazing….

And also at the time of practicing the out of body experience you may feel a little vibration or sensation at your physical body, it’s because at that time your spiritual body is leaving your physical body. Don’t get scared about this as you can get back to your physical body at anytime you want.

Is astral travel safe ?

Well now let come to the last point that is doing Astral travel regularly is safe or not! Doing Astral travel for one or two times in a month is alright but if you do Astral travel regularly it can cause some serious damage in your brain. It can lead to insomnia, brain side effects and a lot more with your mental conditions.

Thus keep in mind one thing that if you are successful in doing this Astral travel after practicing a lot of times then also don’t try this on a regular basis as it can cause damage to your mental as well as your physical body.

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