How to Use Affirmations Effectively

While listening to a person conversing about how to develop and use affirmations for motivation, it is sometimes observed that he has chosen the words in an appropriate way to create the effect he is seeking. This is a very good technique to be adopted, because this will give a clear indication as to how the technique is implemented.

Affirmation is a phrase or a statement which is repeated on a consistent basis to bring about positive results in oneself or others. There are two types of affirmations – the conscious and the subconscious. They are used differently and are generally of two types.

The conscious affirmation or the affirmation stated consciously by a person, in this case when it is conscious of the person must be aware of the affirmation and not just have a general awareness of it. For instance, the individual may say; “I am going to work” – consciously, this is done in order to reinforce the particular behavior of work.

A person may state; “I am going to take care of my health,” – this is a conscious affirmation and it has the intention of eliminating physical sickness in the body. For instance, one may say; “I am going to take care of my home,” – this is a conscious affirmation and it is also to eliminate all that is not pleasing to the eyes and that should not be present in the home. Such a “home” would be where the person resides.

The subconscious affirmation or the affirmation that is subconsciously carried out by the individual is also important to understand how they are to be used. It is an affirmation carried out without the conscious thought process being involved. It may also be subconsciously carried out when a particular action is required to be performed by the individual. In other words, it is carried out when the individual needs to act to achieve a specific goal.

An example of an unconscious affirmation is a person’s wish to get into shape. When a person wishes to exercise this type of affirmation is put into effect by their subconscious mind. It is normally followed by a desire to lose weight in a short period of time and it is achieved through the conscious mind.

It is worth noting that the word affirmations is used in two different senses: one is the verbal expression of positive affirmation while the other is the inner, emotional affirmation. It may be said that verbal affirmation is merely the visual presentation of the thoughts.

An example of a verbal affirmation would be “I am healthy”, while an affirmation expressed by a feeling would be “I am happy.” There are also the common subliminal techniques which consist of making a speaker or singer sing or speak of their feelings by using special sound pulses.

Another technique of changing an affirmation would be to engage in meditation or contemplation, for instance, “I am happy.” Meditation does not necessarily involve going to a secluded area and closing your eyes; it can be done right in the comfort of one’s own home.

For instance, if someone is saying “I am happy” to themselves, their subconscious mind will record it on their memory while they are thinking about happiness. This makes them “feel” happy.

If a person has to affirm positive thoughts by using words, the power of the subconscious mind may be harnessed and used for another benefit, this being to strengthen the subconscious part of the individual. The subconscious has so much potential that it will actually be the most powerful tool to be used.

It has been reported that the power of the subconscious is so great that it can greatly affect the results of a person’s actions and provide for an improvement in their body and mind. This is because the subconscious will be able to access and stimulate the energy that lies beneath the surface and this will be controlled by the subconscious.


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