Conept of Aura

What is Aura and its Spiritual Energy Power

In this blog, you will get to know about an amazing spiritual energy power which is called AURA. You many of you might have seen the Bollywood film Robot 2.0. Robot 2.0 is an Indian Tamil language science friction film, which is been written and directed by S. Shankar, Co-Written by B. Jeyamohan and produced by Subaskaran. This film is filmed by Rajinikanth reprising the roles of Vaseegaran and Chitti, alongside Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson.

In this film, you have definitely heard about the word Aura. Around every object, there is an Aura. After you know what is Aura, you will be able to attract anything that you want in your life. You believe or not, Aura is an energy which is present in all around us, in every object in this world, in every substance, every living, and non-living object.

Aura is in the form of a layer which is present everywhere and thus also this is scientifically proven that in this world whatever is present everything is in a form of energy. These energy can be in any form- liquid, solid and air.

For example, you are holding your mobile phone, your mobile phone is also an energy, which is in a solid form. The mobile phone which actually that you are holding its actually not solid, its an energy which is in a solid form. Hence, not only a mobile phone, everything in this world, in this universe, in fact, the universe and its existence, itself all of these are actually energy, which are in some sort of form.

If we describe Aura in a scientifical way then it is an electromagnetic field, which is present all around a human body, which is also known as Human Energy Field. And thus these fields are not visible through the naked eyes. Aura presents all around your body can only be seen by the other person. It’s not like that the other person can see directly, it’s actually the feelings.

The other person nearby you or the person you might know or a person with whom, you have spend a few moments can actually feel your aura subconsciously not consciously. It happens automatically, it’s not you who is doing these, it happens due to our subconscious mind.

The other person can feel your aura and by talking with you for some time or by spending a little bit of moment with you. You might have heard this word saying by some peoples especially peoples belonging from a marketing background, they often say that “ I can know a person, what he thinks, what he wants or what he/she wants to do very easily”. It’s all because of the aura of that particular person to the other person near him.

Aura actually summarizes and reflects your emotional, physical and mental condition. In ancient times also peoples believe in this fact of the aura that whatever present in this universe all of these are nothing but energy.

The most famous and known scientist Nicola Tesla has also been said that “If you want to know the secret of the universe, then think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” And thus the secret of the aura is also hidden under the word of energy.

You might have felt in some point of your life, that when you see someone for the very first time, you even not seen that person before and you don’t know each other, for example, you are walking in the road and you have seen someone, whom you don’t know even you have not seen him/her earlier but then also after seeing that person for the very first something you feel something, you get attracted.

You feel some sort of attraction. Am I right! If you were so please kindly drop your opinion in the comment section we will really appreciate your opinion. Did you ever try to think why we feel that attraction? Remember you have not seen that person earlier or know each other earlier but then also you get attracted to that person. It’s all because of Aura which is present all around the body of that particular person.

It’s not like that the person has a good hairstyle or had to wear a fancy dress that you have got attracted, the person had wear a simple dress and being there as usual. Let me explain to you why it is so!

We all know that energies have levels right! high and low and since aura is a kind of energy, the aura also has energy levels. Thus aura energy or human line energy can also be low and high. And since I have told above that aura reflects emotional, physical and mental condition. Thus when feel low or we are physically weak or mentally weak, it means our aura energy or human line energy it also becomes low. And when we feel happy, we stay physically and mentally strong than our aura energy or human line energy level also becomes high.

Now let me explain, how does these low and high aura energies affect in our daily life. First of all, remember one thing that aura of a person gets attracted towards only with the person whose aura energy level is the same.

Means if a person has a high aura level then it will get attracted to only those person who had their aura level high, similarly low aura level will go on for the lower aura level of a person.

Whenever you feel like being attracted to someone at some point, it all happens due to your aura energy level. In other words, the aura energy level recognizes the other person’s aura energy level. And if both of your aura levels becomes the same then you both you might get attracted at the same time.

You might be seen many a time, people who are very much famous like celebrities, models, film stars and so on they usually get attracted only towards to those people who belong to the same status or background or having similar type of lifestyle and on the other hand normal people usually make normal friends of their same status.

Scientifically, It’s all because of one reason and that is due to the energy level of your aura present in all human being.

Celebrities usually they have a high level of aura energy and that’s the reason they get attracted towards the people having the same status or towards other celebrities who also have the same level of aura energy in them.

The scientific reason behind attraction towards someone is the energy level of aura. The more your aura energy level, you will be attracted more by the other peoples, similarly, low aura energy level people get less attracted by the other peoples. So what you want to be? You want to show a good image or a bad image in front of someone! So that you get more attracted by the other peoples. You wanna make more new friends. To show a good image and get more attention from other peoples thus you need to increase your aura energy level.

And therefore when aura energy level increases, it happens automatically. People who are very much happy with their life, they will have a high energy level of aura and people who stay depressed all the time, they will have low aura energy level. This is the main reason why people who stay happy all the time and think positive seem to be more attractive and people who stay depressed all the time seems to be less attractive.

How to increase the aura energy level

The aura energy level of any human being is not constant, it can change. It’s not like that rich people will be having the high aura energy level and the poor people will be having low aura level and they can’t change. It’s not like that. It can be changed at any time, any moment and at any stage, it doesn’t matter.

It’s also not true that to increase your aura energy level you have become rich, you have to gain more success in life, it’s really not like this. It’s all about your subconscious mind, your habits and thinking capability.

I always used to say in all of my blogs whatever I write that if someone knows how to control his/her mind or can control then that person can achieve anything they want in their life. They can complete their every dream that they wish, their goals and so on to gain their happiness from life.

In all of my blogs, I always say you that to Think positive! Think positive! Think positive! All the times. Or you might also hear those words from somewhere in your college or in office. If want to know more about how to think positive all the time in any situation and how does it affect in your real-life situation, and its process of working in a scientifically proven way, you can go through my earlier blogs, I have also written this thing very clearly. Affirmation and subconscious– this topic also plays a major role in this concept.

When you think positive at all the time in any situation, the energy level of aura gets increases. Thus, happiness is the main way to increase your aura level. If you stay happy, healthy and fit your aura level you definitely get increase. And you will get attracted by many other peoples around you, as soon as your’s aura level gets increases.

If you are trying hard but then also you are not being able to stay happy, you are not satisfied with your life, even you have everything that you need, then you can always go for the meditation. It will make your mind peaceful as well as will also help you to achieve your happiness. You can check out my latest post on mediation- Basics of Mediation.

Thus when you will start to stay positive all the time, stay happy, healthy and fit, you aura energy level will automatically get increased. Aura doesn’t happen consciously it happens subconsciously. And therefore, you will be getting recognized by many peoples, you can make even more friends, achieve more success and so on.

As I have said that to increase your aura energy level, you have to think positive and stay happy. It doesn’t mean that you will be showing at your outer face that you are happy and from deep inside you are, as usual. It will not work like this.

As I have said that aura increases and decreases naturally subconsciously not consciously, thus you need to stay happy from inside of your soul not from outside. Cause aura depicts your internal feeling and detects the people with the same level of aura energy.

In other words, it completely identifies what you are feeling from inside. Magical things happen when you become and stay happy from inside not from outside. With the help of aura energy power, anyone can attract anyone at any point of time.

It’s all depends upon the energy level of aura which can be increased by increasing your positive thinking capability as well as your health. Can you tell me from your opinion that a person who is depressed from the inside, always tell you only about the problems of life, never think positive always think of negative things, would you like stay with this kind of people! Of course not, the same law applies here.

By putting some cosmetic creams on your face, get a fancy hairstyle or dress, you cannot become attractive. I am not telling that all this doesn’t really help you to become attractive but it works only 10% and the rest of them are based on your internal feelings.

So that’s why I say all the time that- sadness, negative thoughts, failure, remove all these things from your life, if you want to grow more in your life. Because all these are the obstacles between you and your happiness and your subconscious mind.

Always just think positive and stay happy. Don’t let your aura energy level to go down. And get attracted by even more people around you, and achieve what you want. Your goals, ambitions, dreams and so on. If you have the low aura energy level, you don’t have to worry cause as I said above that aura energy is not static or constant. It can be changed at any point time its all depends on your thoughts and emotional condition.

Imagine the day, when you were very happy, exited for being something and the day when you were sad and depressed. The day when you were happy, on that day your aura energy level was very high and the day when you were depressed, your aura energy level was very low.

And one more thing whatever the bad habit you have in your life, it also affects your aura energy level. If you have so, you can remove your those bad habits and take on some new good habits. How you can change and make a new habit in the next 21 days, I have explained in my earlier blogs. If you wish you can go through once.

Now many of you might have a query! That is there any proof of the presence of Aura? If you have seen the film Robot 2.0 there you might have heard a word of Kirlian photography.

The film was a frictional film but Kirlian photography is a technique of photography by which you can capture the aura of a human being. The presence of aura been successfully captured with the help of Kirlian photography discovered by Semyon Kirlin and his wife Valentina.

But then also till now, no one has been completely able to clear the concept of aura clearly. You might have seen in the picture of Lord Buddha, that there is always a glowing circle behind his body. So what is this! Actually these glowing circle is the aura of Lord Buddha.

Many peoples don’t believe in this fact until an unless they see or realize it from themselves. So here another question might have arisen at you mind that- Can we see the aura?

As I have said in above the aura is not visible through the naked eyes, it only can be feel and seen by other peoples around you. On the other hand, you can see also, for this you have to activate all of your body sensors. And to do this you need to have the highest level of aura energy, which can be achieved by thinking positive and staying happy.

You have to increase your positive thinking capability, in order to see your aura, in fact after that you can not only you can see only your’s aura even you can even feel and see the aura energy of the other peoples as well.

Because when your aura starts increasing, then the distance between your mind and your subconscious mind also decreases day-by-day. After that, you can access your subconscious mind even more effectively.

And this fact is scientifically proven, in the brain of every human being there is a pineal gland. To increase your aura energy level, this is the organ which you need to activate. Pineal Gland is the main organ which connects your mind and your subconscious mind strongly.

And thus as long as you don’t activate your this gland present in your brain, you can’t see or feel aura or any spiritual energy. And hence to activate the pineal gland, you need to increase the power of your subconscious mind. Aura can also be increased by doing meditation and going deep into it.

That’s all about Aura in this blog. If you wanna know more about you can also do a little bit of research over the internet. We found this topic and this information from various sources over the internet and through some of the studies. Thanks for reading, If you have any suggestion, opinion or query kindly drop it in the comment section we will really appreciate you for doing this.

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