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What is Astral Travel and it’s amazing facts

In many discussions on the topics of meditation, did you heard about the word Astral projection or astral travel? In this blog we are aiming to present a few details about what is Astral projection? How Astral projection is beneficial? And also about how to do astral travel?

What is Astral Projection/ Astral Travel

Astral projection and Astral travel means the same. Astral travel is an out of body experience of your soul, without your physical body all around the universe. Thus with the help of Astral travel, you can enjoy any dimensions of the universe. It is an the way from which an individual can experience the outer world while sleeping and its call out-of-body experience.

Well, do you really believe that whatever you see is in this universe are real! It’s exactly not true at all. We have not been experience the real world till now yet!

There are two bodies inside every human being. One is the physical body due to which you are capable of doing physical things, feel, sense, hear, taste and the other one is our spiritual body.

Many people called this spiritual bodies in terms of many other words like some call them as Atma, soul, Chetna and so on.

This spiritual body is present inside every human body and even this astral projection or astral travel is also done by this spiritual body inside every human being.

The world which you see with your naked eyes do you believe that you are experiencing the real world. I will say that whatever you or any other human beings see’s through their naked eyes it’s not everything that they are experiencing. We are only able to see one percent of the world through our naked eyes.

For example, the waves or the signal that is being generated when someone makes a call through their mobile phone. At that time, there are some radiations that are being generated.

So basically can you see this radiations through your naked eyes? exactly NO right! These energies are also called as Aura energy power. I have already posted on my earlier blog about what is aura and it’s spiritual energy power.

You can have a look once. Aura is actually the energy power level which exist in every human bodies. We can see this aura energy only through Kirlian photography.

Even we can’t see this aura energy level as well…… which is present in every human being through our naked eyes. There’s a lot more things which we are not able to see through our naked eyes. We can only feel those things, we can’t see them.

The world that we see with our naked eyes is of three dimensions we all know that right! And due to this reason we all believe that there is nothing possible after three dimensions.

Which is a absolutely not true.

There exist a lot of many dimensions in this universe. But the main fact is that we can’t feel, see or experience those other dimensions through our physical body and our naked eyes.

At the very beginning scientist were also believed that there are nothing further than three dimensions. But as the time went along with the growth of quantum physics.

It has been came to be known that there’s a lot of other dimensions as well, other than three Dimension exists in this universe.

Thus, whatever you see, feel or experience there’s a lot more exist in this universe which you can’t see or experience with your physical body neither with your naked eyes.

It’s all because of only one reason. Our human body is bounded with five senses only. But our soul or our spiritual body is not bounded with only five senses, in fact, it has no boundaries at all to experience the other dimensions.

It can go to any dimensions of the universe and experience anything in this universe.

You even can’t imagine how many things that our spiritual body can experience. Our spiritual body can go out of our physical body and this process is called astral travel or astral projection.

It can go anywhere everywhere wherever you wish. There is no limitation at all for our spiritual body.

You can become freedom and even sometimes you can also see yourself out of the body while sleeping.

This sounds to be a very strange right! Well if you do a little bit of research in Google. Then you will get a lot of blogs about Astral travel and Astral projection.

Where you will find many of the bloggers are confessing about their own out of the body experience and their Astral travel experience.

Thanks for reading this blog. We really appreciate you for giving your valuable time. on our next coming block, we are aiming to explain to you how you can do Astral travel while sleeping and how to experience this amazing out of body experience.

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