25 Important Things to Carry While Travelling Abroad

Posted on September 23, 2022

Traveling abroad is on the bucket list of many folks. However, some people might get anxious, especially when they are traveling abroad for the very first time. However, we will share a list of things you should pack while traveling abroad. This will not only help you plan and pack properly for your upcoming trip but will also help to quell your travel-related anxiety to some level.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss this checklist of 25 important things that you can carry for your international travel.

1. Travel bag

The kind of travel bag you will carry will vastly depend on your travel style and your travel period. If you plan to travel extensively, then buy a big and spacious travel bag or choose an average-sized bag for a short trip abroad. However, make sure that you carry a bag that is comfortable yet sturdy.

2. Backpack

Besides your travel bag, also carry a smaller bag for your day- journeys. A large purse or a smaller backpack can also double up as a carry-on bag while you travel through the day.

3. Universal travel adaptor

Different countries have differently shaped electrical outlets embedded or attached to the wall. We recommend that you purchase a universal travel adaptor that can be adjusted to fit any kind of wall socket around the world.

4. Water bottle

Reduce plastic waste and save money by carrying a sturdy and reusable water bottle. Also, if you are travelling to countries where safe drinking water is hard to find, then invest in a reusable bottle that has a built-in filter.

5. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance saves your day especially if you meet with an accident abroad or fall sick. Do some groundwork about travel insurance and pick a plan that best suits your needs.

6. Visas and passport

Naturally, a passport is your getaway for travelling abroad. Different countries have different norms when it concerns the in-date validity of your passport. So, make sure that your passport hasn’t expired and is in-date. Also, research visa requirements before the trip. Although most visas are electronic in today’s times, you may also be required to mail your passport for the issue of visas. Furthermore, make sure to carry hard copies as well as soft copies of all your important travel documents.

7. Medicines

If you take medicines for any ailment, then we advice you to talk with your doctor before travelling abroad. Also, don’t forget to carry enough stock of medicines that will last you through the entire duration of the trip.

8. First-aid kit

A first-aid kit should always be carried along with your medications kit. A travel-sized first-aid kit can be a life savior while travelling abroad if you get injured or bruised and getting help might take a while.

9. International debit and credit cards

Pack internationally accepted and valid debit and credit cards to withdraw money from bank ATMs abroad. Keep in mind that airports charge high commission rates for money transfers. So, skip such transactions at the airport and transfer money to your favored bank at home. Moreover, today, many banks issue multi-currency forex cards which will offer you hassle-free and convenient payments during your trip abroad.

10. Something to read

Travelling abroad may involve long journeys on flights, buses or trains. So take along a few books that are handy to carry. Also, to save space, you can also carry Kindle and enjoy reading on the go.

11. Notepad and pen

Journaling is a good way to record your memories of a trip abroad. It is a relaxing way to pass your time as well as clear your mind. Also, carry a notepad and pen for jotting down important information and filling out immigration forms while on plane as well as writing landing cards.

12. Camera

A trip abroad warrants capturing beautiful moments with the help of a smartphone or a DSLR or a digital camera. So, don’t forget to pack in a decent camera along with its accessories like battery, memory card, and charger, carry bag and such other paraphernalia.

13. Earplugs

If you plan to stay in a hotel across a busy street or would check in a dorm hostel, then it’s wise to carry a pair of earplugs. You might get disturbed due to noises on the street or those of party revelers at your hostel. Earplugs can serve to block out such nuisances and help you gain some restful sleep.

14. Headphones

Headphones have become a near-must accessory while travelling abroad. You can hear that informative podcast or listen to your music playlist during long travels. Headphones can be a handy companion especially if you happen to be a solo traveler.

15. Comfy clothing

It but obvious that you will be packing clothes depending on your clothing preferences and the climate of the place. However, pack in only those outfits which are comfortable during travel. During travel, comfort precedes style so choose comfort over style so that you are better able to focus and enjoy the world around you.

16. Good pair of walking shoes

Travelling abroad most times involves a lot of walking. So, don’t forget to pack in a few pairs of comfy shoes. Also, just like clothes, focus on comfort rather than style as you don’t want to end up with sores and blisters from wearing uncomfortable footwear during your travels abroad.

17. Pack outfits for special occasions

During an abroad trip, it’s likely that you will attend a nice dinner or a party. So, to be prepared, don’t forget to pack a couple of nice outfits. However, make sure not to pack too many of these as your bag or suitcase should still be filled with predominantly comfy clothing.

18. Windcheaters or rain jackets

Invest in a good rain jacket or windcheater to shield you from rainy and inclement weather. A good rain jacket can keep you dry and warm during a wet spell.

19. Hiking boots

If you are a nature lover and plan to go on hikes during your trip abroad, we suggest you invest in a good pair of hiking boots. However, as hiking boots might take considerable space in your bag, carry these only if you are an adventurous traveler who will surely take up hiking amidst nature.

20. Sun protection gear

Exploring the locales abroad will involve a lot of sun exposure. So, even if you are travelling to colder places, it’s advisable that you carry sun protection gear. So, don’t forget to pack in good quality sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and also an SPF laces lip balm.

21. Toiletries

These essentials can either be packed or bought when you arrive at your overseas destination. However, if you are travelling solo, make sure that you pack only travel-sized toiletries as you will need only 30 ml or lesser of these products.

22. Identity cards

Carry all kinds of cards that display your identity while travelling abroad, especially if you happen to be a student. Many attractions and tours offer discounts to students. So, carry your student ID card and show it at all the right places to save a few extra bucks.

23. Luggage locks

Secure your bag zipper by packing luggage locks. Although most hostels offer a locker system, you can still use luggage locks for an added layer of security.

24. Yoga mat

This might seem like a no-brainer especially if you plan to travel for yoga TTC in India. Although there will be yoga paraphernalia available at the yoga school that you enroll in, you can practice yoga wherever and whenever you desire if you carry a yoga mat of your own along.

25.COVID-19 safety toolkit

Although international travel is gradually opening up post the global Pandemic, the virus is still circulating in its various mutated forms. Hence, to be safe, carry enough numbers of N-95 masks, hand sanitiser and even disposable gloves when travelling abroad. 

Travelling abroad requires careful planning and research. However, the checklist mentioned above may help ease most of your travel worries. This checklist will not only empower you to travel more efficiently but also help you enjoy your trip abroad to the fullest.

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