How to find cheap business class flights

Travel in business class at a great price

There are so much ways that can help you find a cheap business flight wherever your destination. Here are some tips!

Choosing the cheapest date and the company

If you want to find a cheap business class flight, you have to be flexible, meaning you have to be willing to change your departure or arrival date if necessary. And even the destination airport or city may as well change. It depends on the offers you will find! You have to be patient and search for as long as you can in order to compare and wait for the best one.

You may also prefer a specific company, but if you want to find a cheap business class tickets, you have to reconsider your preference. Business class seats and services are not the same depending on the company. Low cost carriers may sell off the prices, but pay attention to the comfort. Anyway, it is your choice. For example, the Singapore Airline business class offer is named ScootBiz and is a bit like a premium economy class from full-service airlines.

Bid on an auction or benefit from a price reduction

The auction option is always the same no matter the company: it is meant for clients who have already booked economy class tickets. The company offers some passengers the opportunity to upgrade their class by participating in an auction. Sometimes, the results are not revealed to the public. Depending on the company, participants can use frequent flyer points and cash. Qantas, Virgin Australia and Etihad Airways are among those who offer bid for an upgrade in online auctions.

The best way to get price reduction and then cheap business class flights is to participate in an airline company’s loyalty program. Once you have enough points, it will earn you an upgrade from economy class to business class without paying an extra. You have to subscribe for newsletters so that you learn about sales. Do not be mistaken, faithful clients always come first for most companies.

Act cleverly

Business class comfort and services depend on the company but it is always the most comfortable on board: leather seats that recline 20cm with increased legroom and adjustable leg-rests and lumbar support, sizeable armrests, a power socket for Smartphone or other devices, entertainment provided via complimentary iPads, pillows and blankets, premium meal service including one alcoholic drink, 30kg baggage allowance… It may be easier to pay for it if you travel alone.

It happens a passenger from business class cancel his flight or cannot come. Sometimes, there are seats available while the economy class is full. Some economy class passengers can benefit from it, but not every passenger or any passenger! The company may choose someone and bump him up to business class because he is a loyal client or he just can afford it or he looks as he can afford it! Yes, you can get a cheap business class seat by dressing like you are traveling in business class and by asking!

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