Paragliding Over Interlaken, Switzerland

Posted on April 5, 2020

When planning a trip to Paragliding over Interlaken, Switzerland it is imperative that you book early. During the summer season the air over Interlaken, Switzerland can be quite rough on your feet and if you choose to walk the five kilometers to the airport to board your flight, you could make some serious blisters.

The Glacier Express Train! - Switze...
The Glacier Express Train! - Switzerland Interrail in Winter 2020

There are various ways of visiting Interlaken, Switzerland. One option would be to fly to Zurich or Geneva and arrive at the Interlaken Airport. In this way, you have a number of choices of what you wish to do and where you wish to go.

But, if you choose to visit Interlaken during the summer, it will be very hot and may even rain. The best way to avoid this would be to make a connection from Zurich, or Geneva, to Interlaken. During your Interlaken Paragliding trip, you can also opt to be transported to Interlaken by a helicopter-to- helicopter service.

No matter which way you choose to visit Interlaken, you will find that the time of year can really determine your experience. The weather is very unpredictable and although it’s fine during the summer months, it’s not always clear to know what the weather will bring.

If you are fortunate enough to visit Interlaken during the winter months, you will be pleasantly surprised with the wide variety of activities that are available. Many of the activities are indoors and will be in a relaxed environment so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Paragliding over Interlaken is an activity that is fun and challenging. It is actually one of the easiest types of Paraglidingactivities to participate in and the route you choose to travel will be dependent on the terrain of the area you are flying in. Paragliding over Interlaken allows you to reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible and you will find that you are very fortunate to have this fantastic outdoor adventure on your vacation.

One of the most enjoyable Paragliding experiences can be from Interlaken to the Rhone Valley. During your flight over the Alps, you will see one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. You will also be amazed by the views of the Riviera.

You may choose to ride Paragliders from Interlaken to Bregaglia, Italy, and then take a helicopter ride to Florence. Many of the trails that you will be riding through are flat and you can reach destinations that are off the beaten path by utilizing a Paraglider flight.

You can take a Tour Group Paragliding trip from Interlaken to Capri, Sicily. While in Sicily, you can explore the Santorini island, which is considered the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea.

If you decide to visit Chamonix, France during your Paragliding trip, you will discover that there are many hiking trails that are great for hiking and also are made accessible for Paragliding flights. There are many other choices as well, but these are two that are popular.

However, if you don’t plan on visiting Interlaken during the summer months, or choose to visit during the winter months, you can still make the most of your trip to Interlaken. There are plenty of Paragliding trips that can be taken during all of the seasons.

With all of the choices and options available, it is simple to see why Paragliding trips are becoming very popular and one of the best things that you can do during your next holiday. It will be relaxing and thrilling, it will be adventurous and it will be relaxing.

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