Top 8 Traveling Vlogging Tips to Stand out From Crowd

Posted on November 17, 2019

The trend of vlogging is increasing day by day. As the number of vloggers is increasing, the competition too. You need to follow some unique ideas to stand out from the crowd.
Travel vlogging is one of the most competitive niches nowadays. Celebrities are starting the Youtube channels to share their travel experience.
The competition is high but there are always some possibilities. All you need is to create some unique and high-quality content. If you are going to start your journey as a travel vlogger, you need to follow some travel vlogging tips.
This article will discuss the latest travel vlogging tips to stand out from the crowd. If you follow these tips, you will some quick results. This article will guide you well even if you are not a regular travel vlogger but need some tips to make a video of your journey.

Travel Vogging Tips

1. Plan in Advance

Planning is something that always provides you with the ease of doing things. Before starting your journey you need to properly plan the video ideas. Properly fill your backpack and double check all the necessary camera equipment.
Take a notebook and write down the ideas coming in your mind. Remember, everyone is vlogging around without any idea but if you properly go with an idea you can take the lead.
Take some time to decide on what sort of videos you want to make.
Write down on a piece of paper. This is one of the best travel vlogging tips I usually follow. You can save a lot of time, camera battery by following a proper plan. Proper planning always provides you with a better traveling experience overall.

2. Keep your Videos Around an Activity

The second travel vlogging tip you need to keep in mind is to center your vlog around an activity. This way, your vlog will be more engaging and your viewers would love watching your video till the end.
Remember, if your video will be more engaging you are more chances of ranking high on Youtube or any other medium.
If you find the best place while traveling you can make your video about a specific place. It could be a historic place, museum, park, etc.

3. Go for Proper Vlogging Equipment

If you are planning to adopt the vlogging as a career, you need to keep certain things in mind. There are millions of people making videos but quality content is the key to success.
You can generate quality content with proper vlogging equipment. Make sure you have a high-quality camera. You can also start vlogging with a smartphone.
If you are going to make the professional slow motion videos, you have to go for a DSLR camera. You can choose any camera but watch some reviews about the best vlogging camera before purchasing. You can also buy best Canon lens for vlogging to make more stable and high-quality videos.

4. Keep your Video Short

Keep your video short and to the point. It will not only increase user engagement but also help in getting some return on investment.
Viewers usually get bored while watching a long video without any direction. If you are planning a long journey, you can make a video in different parts.
Instead of making a single long video, you can make a video in different parts. You should have a lot of 3-7 second duration video clips that you compile to make the end product. You will also save a lot of time while editing the shorter video.

5. Keep your Video Steady

A shaky video can never provide you with the results you need to stand out of the crowd. As mentioned above, the competition is very tough. Everyone is making vlogs but you need to provide your viewers with quality content.
You can use a gimbal for your camera. A camera gimbal helps in making a steady and smooth video.
If you are not using any gimbal you can keep the camera at a fixed position while talking to the camera. If you need to take some slow motion, you can record video by moving slowly.
If you are using the Adobe Premiere Pro for editing, you can use the video stabilization tool to make your video more stable. You can also reduce the speed of the video in an editing tool to make your video more stable.

6. Interact with People around You

When are making the video at a famous place or an event, you see many other people making videos. You can get in touch with them and feature them in your video.You can also shout out to other vloggers. Thus, they will also shout out to your vlog. You can get more audience for your vlog this way.
You can also interact with common people around you and ask questions. Sometimes you get hilarious answers that make your vlog way more engaging.

7. Show Something Unique on Your Way

While traveling on your way, always keep your camera ready to capture the things coming in your way. You can record hilarious dance moves, monkeys playing around, or a fluffy cat.
Vlog in a way to provide more fun to your viewers. You can show things from your point of view. Use the different angles to enhance user engagement.

8. Don’t Record Everything

One of the best travel vlogging tips I can provide you at the end is not to film everything coming into your way. Trust me, it will leave you in an alarming situation.
The biggest mistake I made at the start of vlogging career was to film everything coming my way. As soon as I reached the destination my card got filled. Even camera battery become very low.
You need to keep patience. Plan your trip and write down what sort of video clip to record on your way and destination. This way, you’ll save a lot of time, memory, camera battery, and you’ll have a better traveling experience.


Start your journey as a travel vlogger by following these 7 travel vlogging tips. You can learn more with time. All you need is to be consistent while making and uploading your videos.
Consistency will help in more user engagement and more chances of ranking high on Google search engine.
If you are planning to create high-quality content, you should try vlogging equipment for beginners. Do share this article with the community around you if you find it worth sharing.

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