Top Six Models Of Luxury Limousines

Limousines are indeed bougie vehicles. No doubt such luxurious rides take the idea of luxury to the next level. The sole purpose of a limousine is absurdity and luxury. All such vehicles do not exist for your necessity.

These vehicles have the right to be ridiculous and lavish, as you want them to be. Limousines are easily rented cars for your special occasions and showing off. You can hire for rent anytime and anywhere.

However, some are bulletproof while others are downright silly. In spite of that, all the limousines have one thing in common: an extravagant nature and a very hefty price tag.

U.S. Presidential Cadillac Limousine

The very same car is used to transport the president of the United States of America. Along with the president, all the presidential vehicles move throughout the years. Additionally, it is his one that is luxurious and secure.

However, it is lighter and supposedly advanced. You can’t claim too much detail, as it has not revealed the President’s Cadillac Limo. Despite that, one thing is very clear: it is a powerful and impenetrable fortress.

Moreover, it features a 5.0-liter diesel engine, also tech like run-flat tires and its weights are about 20,000 lbs.

The American Dream

It is actually equipped with more than 26 wheels along with an onboard swimming pool, and even a helicopter-landing pad. You can even visit any of the limo companies in Reston VA if you are interested in renting one of such models.

This unique product was supposedly worth an incredible $4 million. Unfortunately, The American Dream has bumped into some rough times and is currently rusting away around New Jersey.

Maybach 62s Landaulet

This is actually famous for producing large and luxurious cars. Maybach is taking it to the extreme with the limo. Your all-time favorite car is featured with gold-speckled granite inlays inside and the enormous rear cabin that is completely upholstered through the leather.

Moreover, it has a retractable roof cover. Under the hood, there is a 612-horsepower V12 engine. Additionally, this 6300-lb car can cover 60 mph just in five seconds. You can get all of these features for an almost $1.35 million price tag.

Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard

One of your favorite limos, Mercedes-Maybach, is hidden inside is a twin-turbo V12 churning out 523 horsepower. Furthermore, it is creating 737 lb-ft of twist. This is enough to make it massive 256 as it makes it possible for the vehicle to reach 60 mph in 6.5 seconds.

Such armored luxury limos are among the most expensive official limos. It has offered to put on the market and commands a lofty price tag of €1.4 million It is roughly translated as $1.55 million.

The Batmobile Limousine

Tim Burton designed it in the 1989 Batman movie. It became ready in 2012, by the fan of Batman. No doubt, it is quite a solid recreation of its original. It features a V8 Jet engine from a Corvette.

Moreover many gadgets you will find in the real Batmobile, like a missile launcher, rear bat wings, ejectable wheels, and a rocket launcher.

Instead of just one seat like the original, it gives a comfortable and spacious cabin with a driver. Thus you can enjoy that true limousine experience. It also includes the most expensive limousines in the world. 

Rolls Royce Phantom Limousine

This limo was created among the Phantom’s impressive luxury experience. Apart from now validity over 21 feet long, it also beset every luxury feature imaginable.

You can start from an upgraded suspension till, onboard televisions, interior LED lighting, luxury glassware, hardwood inlays, and heaps more.


Limousine is always a luxury ride for a very wealthy person. These are used for very short distances and provide plenty of comfort and luxuries to the person inside. 

Mostly, an honorable person like the President or Leader of the country enjoys a luxurious life and feels special.

Despite all that, everybody dreams to have this comfort of riding the Limo. Few of us will accomplish it too. These were the top six luxury models of Limousine that everyone will surely love and also you would love to enjoy their smooth and luxurious ride. 

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