What does Traveling Do to Your Body? Explore

Posted on October 30, 2019

People often feel stressed and a bit down. Maybe this is because of work pressure or other mental issues. By taking a vacation and going on a trip is sometimes more than just a fun diversion from the day-to-day grind. There are large numbers of scientific proofs that show travel is necessary not only for your mental health but also for a sound body. So what does traveling do to your body?

In a recent study, a University psychology professor asked members to describe their happiness after purchasing any major material possessions and experiential. At first, the members rated their happiness with both kinds of purchases about the same. But after some time, their happiness connected to material things meltdown, and their comfort increased with the experiences they had spent money on.

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What does traveling do to your body?

Travel lowers the risk of depression

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The increasing gratitude for the necessity to preserve our mental health seems to be changing how we make some time for vacations.

A study followed a group of women over five years. The participants who took vacations twice a year were amazingly less likely to become anxious, depressed, or exhausted than women who took vacations once every two years. It is also found that those who traveled a lot were reported as being more settled and happier in their marriages.

Travel revive the brain

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In the beginning, scientists used to believe that the brain was only transformable during childhood, but now firmly accept that neuroplasticity; the strength of the brain to change is present throughout your life.

The development of cognitive decay is far less likely in people who travel more often, keep learning new languages and continue to experience and introduce new stuff into old age.

Travel makes you happy

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It activates a release of dopamine when we plan to do something for entertainment. A neurotransmitter that assists regulates the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. It explains how simply having a vacation or going on a trip helps us to be happier.

A modern investigation evaluated the sense of happiness in two groups of people, those with a vacation planned and those without. The investigators found those who were planning to go on vacation were much happier with life as a whole and reported encountering minor negative and bothersome feelings.

Long-lasting sense of satisfaction

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Researchers surveyed a group of tourists who traveled overseas and found that, on a normal basis, happiness and life satisfaction rose 15 days before the tour and lasted for about one month after returning home. The conclusion: Not only does planning a journey make you happy, but the emotional advantages of travel stay with you long after you’ve returned home.

Travel increases creativity

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In a recent analysis at Columbia Business School, the team of researchers analyzed the work of two different fashion brands. The brands whose inventive directors had lived and worked in other countries provided the most inventive designs than the rest as judged by a group of fashion reporters and confident fashion customers.

The researchers hypothesized that travel enables you to think in different imaginative ways and develop “cognitive flexibility,” which is a key element of creativity.

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